Serial entrepreneur and singer song-writer Harriette  Hale has built five highly successful businesses and continues to expand her empire. Having started her career as a musician, Harriette launched her first entrepreneurial venture from her bedroom while at University as a result of feeling that too many talented musicians, herself included, were struggling financially as they were not getting a fair deal from their management agents. Harriette launched The Chocolate Box Music Agency which was a huge hit and has since gone on to launch further business ventures including The North London Music Academy and Ask Harriette.



  • Managing people has been the biggest thing that I’ve had to learn!

I find in myself and in my clients that as women, placing our authority into situations can be quite difficult and it’s ridiculous!

Words of Wisdom

  • Sometimes you’ve just got to grab a hold of yourself and say, what have I got to lose!
  • Be the first to communicate

Build your wings on the way down


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Resources Mentioned

  • Zero  for your accounts
  • Stripe payent processing
  • buffer
  • Canva
  • Mail Chimp
  • Acuity for your scheduling
  • Zapia
  • F2 Member
  • googleforms
  • googledocs
  • google spreadsheets
  • adesspresso
  • click funnels