Welcome to She Owns Success!

Do you ever think, “What am I doing with my life,” or wonder, “Is this it?” Perhaps you’re currently working in an unfulfilling job while dreaming of changing careers or even starting a business. Deep down you know you’ve got so much more to offer. You want to build a successful career while creating a life that fully aligns with who you are at the deepest level.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone!

You have the knowledge, you have the skills, you have unique gifts and talents and you want more from life. More success, fulfillment, and making more impact in the world.

At She Owns Success, our goal is to empower ambitious women from all backgrounds to step into their fullest potential, launch their dream careers, and become the best versions of themselves. We do this through the content we publish, by highlighting the success stories of female leaders and entrepreneurs, to inspire you and show you what’s possible, by sharing and recommending the best tools and resources that will help you achieve your goals, and by providing learning and development opportunities for your continued growth and success.

Just imagine…

…seeing more amazing women from every background succeeding and driving change. Imagine what the world would look like if more women were running profitable businesses, leading teams, and in key decision-making roles where we could make the most impact.

The only way to lift us all up is to step into the leader you were meant to be by taking control of your life and career and owning your success.


I’m Antonette Oloo, and I started She Owns Success to help passionate and ambitious women achieve more of their life and career goals.

During my corporate career as a recruiter, I saw too many women in unfulfilling jobs that left them feeling drained and empty inside. What’s more, these women had passions, gifts, and talents they weren’t using, AND deep down they had dreams of doing more!

I believe that when it comes to achieving our dreams and when it comes to success, whether you’re in the corporate world or starting your own business it takes:

  • Seeing great role models whose experiences mirror ours, so we can see what’s possible
  • Having the right mindset and support at every stage to help us stay on track
  • Developing essential habits and skills to advance ourselves
  • Positive representation and leadership from others like us
  • Building key relationships with like-minded people
  • And learning and mentorship opportunities from those who have been there before

That’s the mission of She Owns Success!