Do you find yourself thinking about work, worse still do you find you can’t stop worrying about work when you’re supposed to be having some downtime? Unfortunately, you’re not alone, as statistics show. 

According to Gallup’s 2019 data on emotional states, 55% of Americans are stressed during the day, which is 20% higher than the world average of 35%. With women being more stressed than men. Everyday Health’s 2018 workplace stress statistics revealed that over a third of people said their job was a regular source of stress in 2018. What’s more, 54% of workers report that stress from work affects their home life. (Workplace Statistics – Small Biz Genius)

Clearly, lots of us are can’t stop ruminating and we’re sitting at home worrying about work when we should be relaxing and focusing on other things. 

Why you need to stop ruminating

Rumination is the focused attention on the symptoms of one’s distress, and on its possible causes and consequences, as opposed to its solutions, according to the Response Styles Theory proposed by Nolen-Hoeksema  (Wikipedia) 

It makes us feel like we’re doing something important when we’re actually doing something harmful and leads to emotional distress, eating unhealthy foods, feeling down and increased stress levels. 

If your work worries have taken over your home life, then you need to watch the TED Talk by Guy Winch below. In this talk, Guy Winch shares the top tips to stopping rumination, so that you can finally stop worrying about work and get your life back.