If you want to improve your public speaking skills and make more impact on stage then Tricia Brouk is here to help.

Tricia Brouk is a shining example of what it takes to build your dream life and career and what can happen when you take bold and brave actions. Having moved to New York City at 20 years old to pursue a career in dance, Tricia launched her own fitness company in order to support herself while she traveled around the world in pursuit of her dream of dancing.

Fast forward to today and Tricia is a highly successful Writer, Director, and choreographer of film, television, and theater. 

After supporting a friend with a speech, Tricia discovered she could make even more impact by helping others share their message. She became a Master public speaking trainer and TEDx Coach and has since coached TEDx speakers on numerous stages across the world, with clients including country music stars, Broadway actors, advocates, championship snowboarders, doctors, and many more. 

Wanting to help more people worldwide, Tricia has now launched The Big Talk Academy, a 12-week certification program for anyone wanting to learn to speak with impact. The program takes clients through the journey from writing their talk to performing a virtual speaking showcase. In this episode Tricia shares some of her best tips for becoming a successful and highly impactful public speaker. 


On how she views challenges 

I feel very grateful for every opportunity because it is an opportunity to grow, learn and change 

Work of Wisdom

On Success 

Consistency. You have to show up every single day. You’ve got to keep the story moving and for me when I couldn’t get through a door I would build my own. I began producing my own shows, I began writing my own musicals. I made it happen and you can too.  And that’s what’s so important. If somebody’s saying no to you it means not yet. Somebody else is going to say yes. 

On the biggest mistakes, speakers make 

The biggest challenge and the mistakes that speakers make is making it about them. When a speaker is making it about them they’re always nervous…

On the biggest challenge women, entrepreneurs face

What I would say specifically about women entrepreneurs is that their biggest challenge is themselves. It’s not an external challenge. It is their internal challenge or am I good enough, can I pull this off, do I deserve to be successful and rich? All of those things need to start inside and those are the biggest challenges for women entrepreneurs in my opinion…

On public speaking and making an impact 

When you are being yourself that is when you will really and truly have the biggest impact…

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