Sonja Pemberton is a speaker, facilitator, and leadership, and transformational coach, on a mission to dispel the myth of the other. In this episode, Sonja discusses a more sustainable approach for leaders to build inclusive cultures in the workplace and the importance of starting by understanding oneself. She also shares some of her expert tips for dealing with challenging situations and difficult conversations in and out of work.

Topics Discussed and what you’ll learn: 

  • How our stories and beliefs create a culture of othering 
  • The cost of D&I and how past approaches need to change 
  • From the individual to the team to the organization: A more sustainable approach to building inclusive cultures in the workplace and creating long term cultural change 
  • Meta-thinking: Why we all need to practice it if we want more inclusivity and belonging in the workplace 
  • How to overcome challenges and move forwards with grace – the coaching approach  
  • How to deal with difficult situations in the workplace 
  • Implementation intentions- what they are and how they can support you in dealing with challenging situations in and out of the workplace 


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