Sigourney Belle is the founder of the Wild Grace Movement, a business focused on empowering the feminine in both men and women by empowering her clients to access the wisdom of the body. She is also the founder of Dark Empire and the best-selling author of 3 books including her most recent book, Wild Business. 

After 8 years in the medical arena, Sigourney had a life-changing experience which led her to launch what would be her first business, Wild Grace Movement,

In this interview, Sigourney shares the surprising truth about why and how she started her first business and the secrets to her success that have enabled her to build and scale two businesses to a team of almost 30 globally. As well as writing 3 books! 

Read the interview with Sigourney Belle below ( edited highlights) or listen to the full-length interview here or on your favorite podcast platform to hear more amazing aha moments, insights, and life and business lessons from a woman who’s done it. 

Topics discussed: 

  • Techniques to connect with yourself and others more deeply  
  • Why you need to get clear on how you want to show up in the world.
  • What’s stopping you from connecting with your intuition and hearing your truth and guidance
  • The power of being in alignment and being authentic in your business 
  • Practices that support your energy for life and business success 
  • How to improve the energy of your workspace 
  • The morning habits and rituals of a successful, intuitive, and nonconformist multiple business owner

Tools mentioned: 


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Tell us about your business

I have two businesses, I have my most recent business which involves supporting people to access their business genius, awaken their creative genius, and helping them to create a business from that space. And my first ever business is the Wilde Grace Movement, which is 3 years old now. That’s about empowering the feminine in both women and men and that works with ancient esoteric practices like Shamanism and Tantra, and ancient temple rituals to really empower people to access the wisdom of the body. 

My first business Wild grace is about empowering the feminine in men and women. When I speak about the feminine I’m talking about qualities of empathy, intimacy, connection, and intuition. We work a lot with the lineage of tantra, which is about how you have deep relationships with yourself and others. How do you lead from a place of deep knowing and intuition in the world? I run teacher training and events under Wild Grace for both women and men. It’s a global community with teachers all over the world. 

Wild Business is my new book and my body of work. It’s an intuitive-led business. We use profiling systems plus intuition to get super clear on “how do you do business?” because it’s not the same for everyone. 

What inspired you to start your business? 

It started with me working in the medical industry for 8 years which was something I’d never really wanted for myself. My vision from childhood was to be living in New York City, to be an author and a columnist in a magazine, and be a writer. 

To end up working in a hospital system, for 8 years in the field of neurology was something I didn’t see coming, but it was beautiful because it opened me up spiritually. 

While I was working with people in the medical system which was quite black and white, my whole journey was quite abstract because I would have very complex strange cases walk through my door. People would walk in and have emotional breakdowns and start sharing deep parts of their psyche with me. Part of what they shared was that they’d never felt like they could open up in that way with someone. 

They would also start to experience these healings that were beyond their physical healing. And I was perplexed. 

Then at the age of 23, I was an elite athlete at that point, and I was also very stressed, I was working on a 23-bed ward by myself with no support and I started getting really sick. I ended up not being able to even walk up the stairs. I was diagnosed with depression, chronic fatigue, and a list of other diagnoses and was medicated. 

I ended up going down a spiral and into a massive psychological crisis at the time. That’s when I had a huge awakening. I  just got on my hands and knees. I’m not religious and I had never done that before. But I thought if there’s a God, if there’s a higher power, then I need support because I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know what to do. 

At that moment, I closed my eyes and it was like everything just opened. It was like I could see as clearly as I can with my eyes open, internally, and I saw my whole path light up….

Listen to find out more about this fascinating experience that ultimately led Sigourney to launch her first business, the Wild Grace movement. 
When did you first tap into your intuition and start to know you had this genius within yourself?

As a child I would always be sitting alone in the corner of the playground meditating, I was a little bit of a buddha even as a child, so it was always there. But as a teenager, I suppressed that and numbed that down because I didn’t understand it so I shut it down. So the first visual awakening was when I was 23. 

What were the first steps and actions that you took to get the business started? 

Really, in the beginning, it was just like walking in the dark. I really had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have anyone supporting me so I just started showing up for clients, then I was getting really good feedback so I knew this was definitely the path. I never strategized anything. Everything unfolded in the way that it needed to, and probably would have done if I’d had a coach, but by no means was it this logical and strategic pathway…It was always intuitive. I just took a step at each moment and trusted. 

What’s been your biggest challenge?

For me, it’s been running a team. I have a team of close to 30 now. I’m such an independent sovereign being, I love being in my own space, creating what I need to create when I feel like creating it. And to be responsible for others, that’s been really challenging for me. 

A lot of the time I just want to escape into my little shell and be by myself and be doing what I love. But whilst I’m doing that I also have to think about all of these other moving pieces. 

I really also don’t like being in technology. I love being in nature and to have all of these responsibilities of showing up in a certain way can be very difficult. But it also pays off because over time if you put enough energy into your team to be strong leaders then you can also step out over time. So it pays off but it does require a level of compromise and sacrifice.   

What inspired you to write your book ( Wild Business) and Who is it for?

It was inspired but the fact that I feel we’re going through, as a collective, a massive awakening, and more and more people are starting to work for themselves and need this support. And more and more people are starting to feel like they don’t fit into conventional maps and models that have been laid out. 

Also, you can have all the strategy in the world you can have the million-dollar strategy and if your message is not crystal clear then it doesn’t matter what strategy you have, it’s not going to work. 

That’s the foundation, you need to know your why. You need to know who you’re doing it for. You need to be really clear on the foundations before you can scale a business. So whilst I’ve scaled 2 businesses, it’s because I was really clear on all that. 

The book is for people who think they want to create a business or already are but feel that the modalities that are already out there don’t appeal to them. It’s for people who want to harness and develop their intuition to create a really powerful business that’s founded upon that. 

You’ve written 3 books and you’re running 2 successful businesses, with a team of 30. How do you get everything done? How do you fit everything in?

It comes back to energy hygiene. Environment for me is so important. I’m always on top of where there’s energy stuckness or stagnancy in my space, in my body, or in my life. I’m really on top of making sure I’m clearing that.  

I work with Kinesiology and emotional clearing. That’s what I work on with clients and I do clearing on myself every day. It’s about keeping my inner world and my outer world being crystal clear so that I can show up for the demands of my business. 

A lot of people are working harder, I’m really not about that. It’s about clearing anything that’s in the way of things flowing easily and through you so that it’s not a push because that’s not healthy for the system and it creates burnout.

I’m anti-push and pro rest. 

What’s your morning routine

I do a tantric self-touch practice in the morning. That involves bringing touch to my whole body and gentle breathing practice to wake up everything in my body really gently. 

I also do 15 minutes of visualization. That can be visualizing how I want my day to be, or visualizing the tasks that I need to do in the day so I’m not just jumping into the day without any direction or clear focus. 

I go for a walk, have a smoothie for breakfast then start the day. 

What other habits have you developed that have been instrumental to your success? 

Training my team really well to be able to show up like I can show up so the onus is not entirely on me to make the calls all the time. 

Training your team members to become as powerful leaders as you is so important. That means that I can do more things now. 

If someone is a solo entrepreneur I would say focus on one thing that’s most important. But When you start to grow other leaders in your business then you can delegate and then you can expand. Until that point, it’s more powerful to focus on one thing in your business. 

Final words of advice and wisdom?

Trust your intuition. We operate from different centers so you need to know how YOUR intuition works 

Have a ritual you do that works for you every day

Be open to the magic of life 

Life is led by magic. I’m always continually blown away when I let go of the idea of how I think anything should be or how I think my life should be or my business should be, and open to what is alive and what’s available to me. 

Anything’s possible. I built my business on the side whilst I was at the hospital. Every break I had I would go and register my domain or do one small thing in every break that I had to actually build my business and it made a huge difference. 

A lot of people say they don’t have enough time, I really don’t believe that. I believe that if you truly want to make something happen you’ll have so much time. You make time and you make space. 

So make the space, make the time and show up. And when you show up, what’s available for you will show up for you. 

Grab your copy of the book! – Wild Business