Phoebe Sherman is a yogi, turned craft maker, turned entrepreneur, and the founder of Girl Gang Craft,  a community and craft events company that helps small biz owners, makers, and creatives to turn their side hustles into profitable full-time businesses. 

After struggling to find suitable and affordable craft shows and events as a beginner creative, Phoebe decided to host her own event, and Girl Gang Craft was born. What started as a small craft event held in a friend’s cafe quickly grew, becoming a large-scale event with 120 vendors and over 3000 attendees.  

In this interview Phoebe shares some of the lessons she’s learned while building her business, as well as her actionable tips and advice for makers and creatives who are just getting started and want to make money from their art. 

Topics discussed:  

  • The essential first steps you need to take when starting an art and craft-based business 
  • How to find customers who want to buy your products 
  • How to start building your brand and how to be seen 
  • The biggest obstacles holding most people back that you’ll need to overcome in order to build a successful business as a maker, artist, or creative entrepreneur 
  • How to manage your time in a way that works for you  
  • Time management and productivity tips: How to find time to create content in your business.  
  • Taking care of yourself and your wellbeing as a creative entrepreneur
  • Making the pivot from events to an online education focus

Connect with Girl Gang Craft 


IG: @girlgangcraft or @phoebesherman

Tiktok: @Girlgangcraft 


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