Nicole Rodrigues is the founder and CEO of NRPR Group, a Beverley Hills headquartered, award-winning, exclusive Public Relations and Marketing firm, with game-changing clients all over the world.

Since starting the business, Nicole has led NRPR Group to heady nights and the PR firm has received numerous awards. Nicole has also been recognized as a highly inspirational leader and is an entrepreneur and woman to watch. In this episode, Nicole shares her insights and tips for great leadership and for successful business growth. 

Awards And Recognitions:
  • Insight Success – The 2020’s Most Influential Women to Watch
  • SwiftnLift– The 10 Most Dynamic CEOs To Watch Out For In 2020
  • Mirror Review – The 10 Inspiring CEOs to watch out for in 2020
  • Exeleon Magazine – 15 Most Inspiring Women in Business
  • Acquisition International -2020 Global Excellence Awards Most Influential Brand Strategist 2020 – California

Topics Discussed: 

  • The power of reputation, good branding, and good communication 
  • Why leadership matters 
  • What it means to be a great leader and how to develop as a leader 
  • How to build and structure your business to succeed long term
  • Remote working- how to make it work 
  • How to maintain a great team culture while working from home 
  • How to hire and grow a team 
  • What’s working in PR Today 

Words of Wisdom

On making mistakes:  

Nobody wants to be told that their doing something wrong but I tell the team that I expect, especially if you’re junior, I expect them to mess up once a day every day, and I’m not going to hold it against you because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You don’t graduate and know all of PR, shoot if it was that easy everybody would do it. 

On hiring and building a team: 

Looking at just the resume and not the person is probably mistake number one.

…We look for EQ as well as IQ skills

On remote working and working from home:

Though I do love the human interaction of having an office environment, I love being able to joke and laugh with people, I do also recognize that if you’re doing the working from home thing responsibly you can get a lot more done. 

on building a business for the long term:

I knew that from the beginning I wanted to make sure that the company was being fed with good energy, both from the employee and the client-side…

…So I have turned the money down and I have let clients go and I did from the beginning…

I’m not going to let fear of making money run the decisions on whether or not we have employees that are happy…

…Right as soon as we gave him our notice, a week or two later we got a client referral in for double!

On supporting your team:

You’ve got to stand up for the people that are doing work for you and coming to work with their hearts. 

On becoming a great leader and building a great team:

We have to come to terms with who we are as leaders and what we need in order to build a company and not overlook the things that won’t work. 


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