Nella Castro is a High School Career Guidance Counselor turned Career and Business Coach. Having spent 10 years helping students decide what career path to take after leaving high school, Nella now helps her clients to change careers or to start online service-based businesses. 

In this episode Nella shares some of the challenges that she’s experienced in the early stages of her business and how she’s overcome them. As well as discussing how she’s managing to successfully navigate the challenges of building a business on the side of a busy full-time day job. With both requiring so much energy and passion.

Topics  discussed include

  • The main challenges people face when it comes to changing careers
  • The 3 first steps to take if you want to start an online business or change careers
  • How to start your business on the side of your day job
  • How to make sure you get things done and stay productive on a daily basis 
  • The mindset you must cultivate in your first year of business 
  • The benefits of working with a coach on your career transition or when starting a business 


Biggest Challenge

Putting myself out there because it’s a very vulnerable thing. 

Words of Wisdom

On putting yourself out there

When you’re something from scratch, when your building your business, you’re pretty much just putting information out there, maybe putting a story out there, and seeing who it resonates with. For a very long time you’re building trust. You’re building connections so sometimes it takes time to hear any feedback from anybody. 

On continuing to build the business 

Be consistent and focus on progress and not perfection 

On making progress

You don’t have to have it all figured out, just start taking action and doors will start opening, you’ll start moving forwards and learning more as you go. 

On getting help 

Before I realized that I wanted to be a coach, it took me two years! Because I was trying to figure things out on my own. I never even thought about hiring a coach which would have saved me so much more time and energy. A lot of people try to figure things out on their own and you could figure it out on your own, but it will take you a lot longer… Since then I’ve invested in several different coaches!  

On not taking action

The worst thing when you’re feeling stuck or like you want something more or you want to create something more, is having another year go by and being in the same spot you were in the year before. 

Resources and tools 

Asana for daily task management 

Trello for managing big projects 

Canva for workbooks and social media 


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