For most of us, the thought of getting fired is something that sends shivers down our spine as we imagine being frozen with fear, unable to move forward and start over again in a new job.

How do we move forwards? What will people think and will we ever work again? All questions which come hand in hand with the terrifying thought of being given your marching orders.

For Natasha Stewart, this is exactly what happened when she was unexpectedly and illegally, fired from her corporate job, something which came completely out of the blue. But soon after a tearful drive home during which Natasha confesses to “ugly crying all the way” she made the decision that she would never be in this position ever again, and from this point on the now highly successful entrepreneur started a journey which would lead her to build Business Jump Co, a company which provides a range of services and support to mothers who want to start their own business.

Natasha has since grown the company to over $1million turn over in just two short years and is now enjoying the kind of life which Business Jump Co. empowers its clients to successfully create for themselves.



  • Going through post-natal depression and serious burnout following the birth of my second child.

PND gave me the toolkit to be able to manage many challenges.

Words of Wisdom

  • Fear is the thing that holds us back, the key is to deal with it quickly, be aware of it and to put it to one side.
  • Automate everything you can automate
  • Always keep it simple. Cut out what’s not working and scale what is working

Stop playing small and stop living in fear

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  • Asana
  • Zappia
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