Mitra Ahouraian Esq. is an award-winning entertainment lawyer, principal attorney, and founder of Ahouraian Law.  She has repeatedly been named one of the top 2.5% of attorneys in California, having received the “SuperLawyer” distinction four years in a row.

With credibility earned from high-profile Hollywood cases, Mitra decided to establish herself on her own in entertainment law instead of resting on the reputation of another firm’s accolades. 

She has built Ahouraian Law, a full-service corporate/entertainment law firm in Los Angeles with the mission of finding creative solutions that satisfy both sides while operating with the highest level of integrity, kindness, and respect.

But the journey hasn’t been easy. In this interview, Mitra Ahouraian shares how she struggled with imposter syndrome and self-doubt and how an unexpected situation forced her to confront and overcome her biggest challenges. 

Topics discussed 

  • Dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome 
  • How to master your productivity and get the most important things done 
  • The power of  having a vision and knowing your why 
  • Why you need support from people you trust 
  • How to ask for help and why you should 


Maximum Achievement – Brian Tracy 

Green Lights, Mathew Mccounahay 

In this interview, Mitra shares so much great actionable advice and tips. Read the sneak peek below. Listen to the full interview here and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Tunein, Stitcher). 

Words of Wisdom

On self-doubt 

I was having a lot of successes but I doubted why I was having those successes, I didn’t feel like I was enough 

On building a support network 

You need people, you can’t do it alone. That was a lesson that I had to learn and it took me a very long time. 

On asking for help 

People don’t know what you need and it’s ok to ask. 

Always ask questions. I am where I am because I’m not afraid to ask questions and learn

On getting started

You can do it, it’s going to be hard but you can do it.

Know that you can do it, but also do the work.

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