Lola Bakare has had a highly successful career in Marketing, working for some of the top global brands as well as start-ups and holding positions that include, Chief of Staff.  After more than10 years of success in the corporate world, Lola started be/co, a consultancy that focuses on helping marketing leaders reach the highest levels of success through training, workshops, and client engagements. 

Through her own leadership experience and from spending many years helping Senior Executives, CMOs, and Marketing Directors, Lola developed a deep understanding of what it takes to step up as a leader. She now helps female Marketing Executives to advance in their careers and reach higher levels of leadership by helping them to navigate and overcome the biggest challenges and obstacles that can prevent their progress. 

In this interview, Lola shares how utilizing her strengths and working in her zone of genius lead to the launch of her business. She also shares her insights and top tips that will help you to take your career to the next level.

Topics Discussed 

  • How to write a more powerful personal statement for LinkedIn and more
  • Inclusive Marketing – How to do it right. 
  • How to introduce yourself with impact when networking
  • The biggest challenges women face at work
  • Why you need to give yourself permission
  • Top tips to help you speak up in meetings 
  • How to create a professional brand that will make you seen and heard
  • What you must have if you want to lead at a higher level
  • How do you make your professional brand tied to impact 
  • The mindset shifts you can make to find more enjoyment in your work

In this interview, Lola shares so much great actionable advice and tips. Read the sneak peek below. Listen to the full interview here and subscribe to your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Tunein, Stitcher). 

Word of Wisdom

On stepping out on your own

You don’t need a major brand backing you to have something to teach, to share to offer value

On building a professional brand

Even when you’re in a corporate setting, even if you’re not an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, not building your own thing, remember you’re still building your own thing. You’re building your own legacy within an organization. That’s going to be how that organization positions you for what’s next.

If you don’t have a professional brand if people just know what your role is, but they don’t know what you bring to it when it comes time to apply for that promotion and you’re being considered, it’s going to be a much harder sell.

On preparing yourself for a leadership role

As far as preparing yourself for that higher-level role, be the most knowledgeable person in the room about your thing.

On leading at a higher level

Really opening up to get support from outside of yourself is a huge part of what it takes to lead at a higher level


Linkedin Group: – A private Linkedin group for female marketers who want to step up in their careers 


Connect with Lola on Clubhouse – @lolamagictime 

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