Most of us have been taught that the only way to succeed and to get what we want in life is to work harder and harder. But what happens when your hard work and hustle leads to sickness, overwhelm, and burnout? And what if you finally do have it all, only to find that there’s still something missing? 

Laura Rubin is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, mother, and former CFO. She’s also a lifelong overachiever and a reformed hustler who now helps her clients to forget the hustle and unwind from the grind. 

After being driven to the point of overwhelm and burnout in her own pursuit of success, Laura realized that she had been forcing herself into society’s definition of how success is earned, with the hustle, hustle, and more hustle mentality. 

Questioning if having it all was really worth it, Laura began taking steps to unlearn and shift from the hustler perspective and now mentors other overachievers on the brink of burnout to do the same. Empowering them to free themselves from society’s rules of success so they can take back control and live life on their own terms. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Success on the outside, but not on the inside: How the hustle mentality can leave you feeling a sense of lack 
  • The power of the pause- Why it’s ok to pause and take a moment 
  • How living life on purpose is an inside job
  • Why you should give yourself permission to play if you want to make a big change in your life/ career 
  • How to redefine success on your own terms and the identities that keep you stuck
  • How to handle those who don’t support your transformation and your journey 

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