Keiya Rayne is living proof that with the right mindset and support we can all achieve the things we desire and become our greatest selves. Having gone through an abusive and traumatic childhood, but always knowing she had a deeper calling, Keyia reached a pivotal moment that would become her turning point. 

Keiya is now an international TEDx Speaker, Transformational Healer, Success Coach, and the Creator of the Success From The Soul coaching programs.

She is known for helping her clients to achieve transformational results in rapid time and is passionate about empowering women and girls to own their self-worth and power. 

In this interview, Keiya K. Rayne shares her inspiring journey, as well as her expert insights on the inner work that we all must do if we are to overcome our greatest challenge, and that is ourselves. 

Topics discussed

  • The Inner work- what you need to do if you want to succeed and live a life of abundance 
  • The mindsets and beliefs that cause struggle in our life and business
  • How to truly manifest what you desire 
  • How to set your day up for success 
  • The signs that you may be an intuitive healer 
  • The biggest blocks that may be holding you back 
  • The power of energy and why you need to focus on alignment 
  • The number 1 reason that people don’t achieve  what they want 
  • The 3 most common blocks that hold people back 
  • How to attract the right people into your 1:1 business 


Any book by Abraham Hicks

Trust, By Oyanla Vanzant

Mindset by Carol Dweck 

Words of Wisdom

On overcoming challenges

Overcoming ourselves is the greatest challenge that we’ll ever experience 

We want to get sexy on the outside but we need to get sexy on the inside because that’s where all the magic happens 

On setting yourself up for success 

When you set yourself up energetically for the day through meditation, you quiet your mind, you get still.  You’re able to hear the guidance, you’re able to  become more attractive, more magnetic to that you are seeking 

On abundance 

When you’re able to connect with the truth of who you are, then you will start to harness and understand that just as a divine being, you are abundant and whatever you desire is also desiring you. 

The internal work must be done. 

So many of us have the lack mentality, the lack mindset. We have to struggle to truly understand how abundant we are.   

On productivity 

I hack everything with energy 

On achieving what you desire 

Never ever ever give up because it’s worth it.