Kay Fabella is a master storyteller with an inspiring story of her very own. After making a bold move to start a new life in Spain, as an American with Filipino heritage, Kay was no stranger to the question, “where are you from?”, and after years of answering this very question, Kay developed a deep passion and skill in the art of storytelling. 

While trying to build a portfolio career that would enable her to attain a Masters in Marketing, Kay ended up building a highly successful business and is now a well sought after brand storyteller and strategist serving clients all over the world.



Having had to walk away from one of the first clients she ever had, Kay learned the importance of having the right systems in place to make sure she was spending time on clients who were the right fit.

Resources Mentioned 

Hal Elrod Miracle morning 


Google suites 


Pomodoro timer

Dance too much booty in my pants 

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