Jessica Lorimer is on a mission to create a movement of women who are unapologetic about wanting success. A passionate and ambitious woman herself, Jessica left a highly successful and fast-paced corporate career in 2014 to launch her business and within 9 short months, the Jessica Larimer brand was making waves and getting noticed by the likes of Huffington Post and Forbes Magazine.

But business has not been all roses, and Jessica admits that she too has fallen into a number of traps that are all too familiar for entrepreneurs including struggling to let go of control and hire experts when her business was growing rapidly and needed it most. Looking back to past mistakes, Jessica says, “Paying out for support will save you a ton of energy, a ton of time and a ton of broken stuff and stress” and advises new entrepreneurs that you can’t do it all.



Delegating. In the first year, I made massive mistakes around not hiring fast enough

It took me about two months to realize I was massively overwhelmed and in over my head

Paying out for support will save you a ton of energy, a ton of time and a ton of broken stuff and stress

Words of Wisdom

It’s going to be difficult, it’s always going to be challenging, but you’ve got to make it fun

It doesn’t matter what somebody else is telling you, it’s your business, you have every right to do it your way and whatever decision you make really is going to be the right one for you.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out in the way that you expect, what matters is that you try, you give it your all and  you go for what you want to achieve in life.


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Resources mentioned

  • UpWork
  • Fiverr
  • Trelo
  • Basecamp
  • IFTT