Gladys Simen is a Consultant at a Fortune 500 company, a mother of 2, a life coach, and the founder of My Life Couch where she specializes in helping working mums to uncover their strengths and superpowers, and to manage their careers and motherhood with ease. 

Gladys launched her business My Life Couch during the pandemic to empower fellow working moms to get out of their comfort zones and go after their dreams.

In this episode, Gladys shares some of the biggest challenges that working moms face within her coaching practice and how to avoid or manage them as well as how to avoid potential burnout as a working mum. She also discusses how becoming a mum has helped her to unleash more of her superpowers and how other mums can do the same. 

Topics Discussed

  • The dangers of work overload when returning to work from maternity leave 
  • The importance of advocating for yourself at work and how to advocate for yourself as a working mum
  • The problem with aiming for work-life balance and a better alternative
  • Recharging your batteries and putting yourself first so you can show up even stronger 
  • The importance of knowing your dominant and dormant skills

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