Gina DeVee is the founder of Divine Living and the author of The Audacity To Be Queen. After starting her career as a Psychotherapist with the passion and firm desire to help people, life as a psychotherapist didn’t quite live up to expectations. Although she was doing meaningful work and transforming people’s lives, Gina found herself living with her parents at the age of 30, working long hours, yet never seeming to get anywhere. 

After attending a seminar with Bob Proctor, Gina’s eyes were opened. The seminar was a window into the life of her dreams, a life she previously never thought possible. 

Gina decided there and then that it was time to make a serious change. She launched her coaching business, which has since grown into the multimillion-pound women’s empowerment brand, Divine Living, and now helps thousands of women worldwide to transform their lives for the better. 


Topics discussed:

  • How the secret to your success lies with you 
  • Why it’s important to get real about what it takes to start a business
  • The number one thing that holds women back when it comes to success 
  • The Audacity To Be Queen 


I never wanted to start a business. I became a psychotherapist to help people. I didn’t know that when I became a psychotherapist, I became an entrepreneur. I thought that the clients would just come. I know that sounds really ridiculous to say out loud, but it just goes to show how naive I was about business. 

Words of wisdom

On striving for more

A better life is meant for you, no matter how much in the gutter you are right now or even how great your life might be right now, there’s always another level. 

On finding your unique voice 

In the beginning, I didn’t have enough of a sense of self and I thought that there was the right way to do business and that I had to be someone different from who I was to really be successful. 

If you’re wondering what’s special or unique about you or what can help you stand out, start to collect the pieces of you that really light you up, chances are, if you take a look at what you’re doing on the weekend and bring that into your workweek, you’re going to stand out beautifully. 

On giving yourself permission

There are so few women that are just going to stand in their own power and give themselves permission to go for their dreams. 

On learning to delegate

I’d hire people and I would think they were doing me a favor! 

None of us are above any tasks. But just because you can do something it doesn’t mean that you’re meant to. Because we can change a tyre, or clean a dish, it doesn’t mean that that’s how we should spend our time and if we don’t, it doesn’t mean we think we’re too good for it, it just means that we’ve made a decision to allocate our time differently. 

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  • Asana

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