Tiffany Christianson is an experienced Lawyer and the founder of Docuplayer, an online software solution that helps to simplify communication between Attorneys and their clients. 

Tiffany created Docuplayer by accident while trying to create a solution that would help her own clients to better understand legal documents, but when she saw the significant positive impact that the initial tool was having in her practice, Tiffany knew that she had to share what she had created with other Attorneys. 

Through Docuplayer, Tiffany is now on a mission to transform communication across the legal profession. 

In this interview, Tiffany, who describes herself as not technical, explains how she has been able to build the solution from scratch and her approach to launching and going to Market, while self-funding. 

Topics discussed:

  • From idea to launch, when you don’t have the technical expertise 
  • How to get feedback from your target audience and why you should 
  • Hoe to approach financing and funding if not from investors 
  • The value of spending time with likeminded people 
  • The most important thing to do before going into a business partnership 


  • Traction 

In this interview, Tiffany shares so much great actionable advice and tips. Read the sneak peek below. Listen to the full interview here and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Tunein, Stitcher).

Words of Wisdom

On the biggest challenges 

The biggest challenge hands down is marketing. The common misconception is that when you come up with a great idea obviously everyone is going to get it right off the bat and they’re going to buy your product in a minute and a half! 

It’s much less about having a good idea. You have to start with a good idea but those are common. Lots of people have really great ideas and solutions, but to develop them and take them to market is such hard work because you have to knock on so many doors. 

On understanding your customer

One of the biggest things you have to do is to identify the solution that you’re bringing and who feels the pain of the problem that you’re trying to solve. 

On Selling 

I was self-conscious at first about sales because that’s not really my background, and I want to feel genuine in what I’m saying. I have a hard time saying something if it’s not real and it’s not backed up…

Once I started thinking about it in terms of how I can help other attorneys it shifted my mindset.

On making sacrifices 

Anytime someone has a lot of success, it’s easy to look at them and think, “aren’t they lucky”, but anytime someone’s got a lot of money or a lot of success, somebody somewhere sacrificed some things. 

On surrounding yourself with likeminded people 

Having someone who’s a creative mind to bounce ideas off of is probably one of the most valuable things that I have. I connect with other creative people because there’s this spark that ignites when there’s more than one person that has that sort of mindset and can create new ideas. There’s a lot of value in having that social circle. 

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