Are you struggling to get your finances in order? Maybe you want to clear your debt but can’t seem to make any progress, or perhaps you want to experience financial freedom. Whatever your financial situation, Financial expert, Courtney Dyer is here to help. 

Courtney Dyer is a certified Financial Consultant and a self-confessed finance nerd, on a mission to provide women with more financial confidence and financial literacy, so they can have more control in their lives. Having provided professional Financial advice to people from all walks of life, from graduates seeking to clear their student debts to women seeking to rebuild their credit score following divorce, right through to the super-wealthy, Courtney knows a thing or two about money. Whether that’s spending it, saving it, or managing it. And in his episode, she shares her tips for getting started when it comes to getting your finances in order, no matter what your current situation is. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • The spending habits of the super-rich and what they do differently plus what we can all learn from this 
  • How to start a debt snowball and stay motivated when paying off debt 
  • How to conduct a thorough spending diagnosis   
  • The truth about financial freedom and how can anyone achieve it
  • How to calculate your financial freedom number 
  • The BOSS Method – How you can become the BOSS of your finances instead of your finances being the BOSS of you
  • How to avoid spending triggers and emotional spending 
  • How to implement automated consistency with your money  
  • The Dos and Don’ts of receiving an unexpected windfall of money 

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