Coaches help their clients to achieve their goals. But how do they do this? How do coaches help their clients move from point A to point B? From where they are to where they want to be? The answer is by asking powerful questions. Which means it’s possible for you to coach yourself too. How can you coach yourself you wonder? By asking yourself the right questions, just like a coach would.

Why Are Questions Important?

Questions are an important part of life. And it’s not just job interview questions that matter, it’s every single question that runs through your brain at any point in time every single day.

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They can lead to problem-solving, innovation, understanding and can even help you take action. This is what makes them powerful things and this is why you can use them to coach yourself.

Empowering And Disempowering Questions

But, not all questions are equal. some questions will empower you while other questions are disempowering.

Examples of disempowering questions include:

Why is this happening to me?

Why did this happen to me?

What’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I get a job?

Why can’t I get it right?

Why can’t I…

Note that questions that start with why are presumptive. This means you assume the statement the follows the why to be true.

If you ask yourself why can’t you do something, you’re assuming that you definitely can’t do it. And since your brain is built to seek answers, you will find lots of reasons why you can’t. Why naturally leads to because…

Questions Impact How You Feel

Asking yourself some questions will have a negative impact on your emotions. Poor, disempowering questions can leave you feeling down on yourself, weak, hopeless, angry or worse. Not exactly the state of mind that leads to great things.

Asking yourself the right questions will make you feel like you can do it!

It’s this power that questions have that make them the best tool at your disposal when it comes to changing your life and achieving your goals.

To coach yourself, manage your emotional state

Emotions play an important role when it comes to taking action. Since it’s the actions you take that determine whether or not you achieve your goals in life, it’s critical to void asking yourself questions that disempower you and instead focus on asking empowering questions.

If you want to coach yourself, you need to ask questions that will put you in a resourceful emotional state. This means, a state that makes you feel in control and able to do something about your situation. A state that helps you take action.

So it’s important to pay attention to the questions you ask yourself. Notice which questions make you feel resourceful and which questions have the opposite effect – and STOP asking them.

Asking the right questions of yourself or to yourself will not only help you to come up with solutions, but it will motivate you to continually take action. Helping you get closer to achieving your goals every day.

Asking poor questions will at the very least stop you in your tracks and halt your progress, and at worst it will make you feel frustrated, incapable or even worthless. Which means you’re unlikely to even try in the future.

So if you want to transform your life for the better, ask yourself powerful and empowering questions.

Remember…The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. – Tony Robbins

With that in mind, here are…

 35 powerful questions to coach yourself that will empower you to achieve your goals, through COVID19 and beyond.

  1. What’s the most important thing to me right now?
  2. What are my values?
  3. What am I prepared to do to achieve my goals?
  4. What one thing would make the biggest difference in my life right now?
  5. What would make the most positive impact on my life?
  6. What is the smallest action that I can take right now that will take me closer to achieving my goal?
  7. What is stopping me from achieving my goals?
  8. What am I not prepared to tolerate in my life?
  9. Who do I need to become to achieve my goals?
  10. Who do I respect and admire, and why?
  11. Who do I want to be?
  12. Where do I want to be in a year/ 5 years/ 10 years from now?
  13. What do I want to be doing 5 years/ 10 years from now?
  14. Where will I be if I keep doing exactly what I’m doing?
  15. What is standing in my way?
  16. What lessons have I learned in the last year/ 5 years?
  17. Am I living by the lessons that I have learned so far?
  18. How do I feel?
  19. Do I feel in alignment with my values?
  20. What one thing can I do today that is outside my comfort zone?
  21. What am I avoiding doing purely out of fear?
  22. What negative influences do I need to remove from my life?
  23. How can I bring more joy to my life and others?
  24. How can I make someone’s day better today?
  25. What am I thankful for in my life?
  26. What do I need to let go of in order to move forwards?
  27. What makes me great?
  28. How can I make more impact in the world?
  29. When do I feel most alive?
  30. What am I most proud of?
  31. How can I make the most of this situation?
  32. What is the best thing about this situation?
  33. What is the opportunity here?
  34. When I look back at this time, how do I want to remember it?
  35. What is the one positive thing I can take away from this?

To Conclude…

Hopefully, you can see from this list how questions could help you. There are so many more questions that you can ask if you want to coach yourself through a variety of situations and at any given time.

You can ask questions that will help you to move forwards, help you feel more in control, lead you to feel more positive, help you see things from new perspectives. Anything!

So, next time you feel yourself getting into a funk ask yourself-

What’s one small action that I can take right now, that will make me feel even a little better?

And go from there.

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