Have you ever heard of The Law of Abundance? If not, you’re not alone. This is something that I’ve only learned about since starting this blog. I think it’s something that entrepreneurs talk about that you might not hear much about at the office, or at any other place of work for that matter. Still, I wanted to cover this topic because I believe it has the potential to change your whole life.

What is the law of abundance?

The word abundance means plentiful. In fact, if you look it up, there are a few different meanings, including, an ample quantity, relative plentifulness, and affluence or wealth. 

The Law of Abundance is a universal law that states that everything we could ever want is plentiful, here, and available to us. According to the law of abundance, there is an unlimited abundant supply of love, energy, success, wealth, light, health, and everything else you might want.

Therefore, when it comes to your mindset, having an abundance mindset means that you believe there is plenty of everything to go around. 

If you believe in the law of abundance and you have an abundance mindset, when you see your friend having lots of success, you are happy for them because you believe that their success in no way takes away from your success, that yours is out there, no matter what difficulty you may be facing at that moment.

Even if you’re trying to do business in the same niche, or your working in the same field, with an abundance mindset rather than being jealous or scared that your competitors are taking what could have been yours, you know that their success doesn’t stop or limit yours in any way. 

This is the power of having an abundance mindset. 

And as you can see, if you have an abundance mindset then it will be easy to be generous, giving, and kind, whether it’s with your time, money, support, or anything else. This is the beauty of choosing to live by the law of abundance. 

Believing in the law of abundance vs believing in scarcity 

The opposite of abundance is scarcity. Someone with a scarcity mindset believes that there is never enough, that there is a limit to how much one can have, how much one can be, or how much one can achieve. With the scarcity mindset, there is not enough to go around because the resources and opportunities are limited and always in danger of running out. 

The law of abundance isn’t just about money, it’s important to know that it impacts every single aspect of your life. 

When I think about the people I know, it’s never hard to spot who has an abundance mindset and who has a scarcity mindset. 

Let’s look at some of the ways that your outlook on life will be different when you have an abundance mindset vs having a scarcity mindset. 

Plenty vs Lack

As we already discovered, the law of abundance is about things being plentiful. So the first aspect of an abundance mindset is always seeing things as plentiful. The plenty vs lack mentality impacts everything, from time to resources, to money, to relationships. 

Having an abundance mindset will make you more generous in all areas of your life because deep down you’ll believe there’s always more. More money to be made, more time, more love to be given, more amazing people in the world with whom you can build an amazing relationship. 

Fear vs Curiosity 

When you live from a  place of fear, you become stuck. You fear change, you fear situations and people you don’t know or understand, and you fear the unknown. 

All this makes for a very stagnant life because all these things are inevitable at some point. Especially if you plan to achieve great success. 

Living by The Law of Abundance and having an abundance mindset doesn’t eliminate fear, but it does give you enough bravery, courage, and curiosity to push forwards beyond your comfort zone, regardless of the fear and when you do, you never know where it might take you. 

Another thing about fear of change is that a lack mentality always assumes that change is bad, change can be very scary, but sometimes it’s the best thing that could have happened.

Positive outlook vs negative outlook 

Having a lack mentality instead of an abundance mindset will lead you to have a negative outlook. You will always be worried that the worst will happen. If someone starts a similar business, then you will be scared they will steal all your customers and put you out of business. 

In fact, you might not start your business at all because you’ll look around, see similar businesses, and assume that there’s no point in even starting, believing instead that you’ll fail. Or you’ll assume that you’ll lose all your money. 

And when it comes to relationships, having a negative outlook, brought on by a scarcity mindset is likely to make you expect the worst of people, which is not a good starting point for building healthy relationships.

Willing to learn vs unwilling to learn

One major trait of those who have an abundance mindset is their willingness to learn. This makes sense, after all, if things are limitless then this would also apply to knowledge, meaning that there’s always more to learn. 

Flexible vs rigid 

A key trait that flows through everyone I know, who has an abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset is a flexible attitude vs a rigid one. Think about it, if you believe that there is plenty of opportunities if an opportunity which you thought would work out doesn’t go as you’d hoped, it is far easier for you to pick yourself up knowing that there will be another opportunity coming. 

Of course, this may take some time, but believing in the law of abundance means that you won’t wallow in despair, and believe that all is lost. 

Proactive vs reactive

This leads me to another point that naturally follows on. Being proactive and creating opportunity vs waiting for things to happen and being reactive. 

If you have an abundance mindset then I’m going to assume that you believe that your life is in your hands and that you have control over what happens to you. On the other hand, if you have a scarcity mindset, you probably believe that things happen TO you and that your life is not in your control. 

Believing that your life is in your control causes you to be more proactive which drives the results that you desire. 

For most people, once we achieve the results we desire, this fuels us to push harder and to take more action. This is why you see successful people becoming more and more successful.

Once you’ve taken a proactive step and achieved what you want then you will likely continue to take action and get more results. And this cycle will only reinforce your belief that you have control over your life. 

The opposite is true for someone who is reactive and takes no proactive steps towards achieving their goals. Instead, they will have a lack of results which will reinforce their belief that their life and success are not in their control. 

Closed mindedness vs open-mindedness

We already discussed how having an abundance mindset leads to being more curious instead of being ruled by fear. 

Curiosity leads to more open-mindedness, therefore, having an abundance mindset will make you more open-minded in your attitude.

Happiness and gratitude vs resentment 

Finally, how do you react when great things happen for those around you. Especially when things are not going well in your own life? 

During these difficult times, it’s easy to become resentful and jealous.  

With an abundance mindset, you will be happy for others and be grateful for what you have. This is another powerful benefit of believing in and living by the Law of Abundance. 

As you can see, whether you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset impacts every aspect of your life.

From what we’ve covered, it’s clear to see that having an abundance mindset will ultimately make you happier, more successful, more satisfied, and more engaged in your life.