Whether you’ve already started your online business, or you’re just thinking about getting started, sharing great content is crucial. But did you know that 30% of the content on the internet is duplicated? This number is so overwhelming that it raises suspicion of even truly original content, which is where plagiarism checkers come in.

Checking for plagiarism is the only way to get rid of it, whether you’re quoting information or referencing another site when writing your own content. Because you never know, the website that you’re getting information from may have copied some wrong information.

 Is the content copy-paste? Stop and check before relying on it. To help you do this,  I’m going to show you the 5 best plagiarism checkers.

Why do you need to detect plagiarized content?

Duplicate content knows no boundaries. Therefore, it’s pervasive like an epidemic nowadays, suddenly popping out of your well-researched content because you unknowingly copied some plagiarized content from somewhere.

On an individual level, content duplication, whether you’re a student or a blogger, suffocates your creativity and reduces your content’s worth to nothing. 

Since your plagiarized content affects your credibility and leads you astray from the goal you want to achieve with your writing.

Being a content writer, you write content to reach more people and increase your following. 

You do this to achieve your goals. Whether that’s building an engaged customer base for your products, attracting new clients to your coaching program, or demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to gain paid writing gigs or speaking engagements. 

The first thing that will stop you from reaching your goal is duplicate content. 

Secondly,  you also need to check for plagiarism before relying on any information that you reference because you can’t refer to such content whose source is plagiarized. 

How duplicate content affects your Google ranking

One of the best ways to get a bigger audience is by ranking on the top page of Google without using black hat SEO techniques.

More readers lead to more business and people love to read content that is of high quality. They adore and celebrate the best writers because their text adds value to their life.

On the flip side, if you copy someone else’s content you may get setbacks from Google, as Google may penalize your website and lower your ranking.

Moreover, your accomplished readership may vanish instantly as your content would not appear worthwhile.

We’re now going to discuss the top 5 plagiarism checking tools below: 


Prepostseo provides a plagiarism checker along with other SEO tools and assures their quality and efficiency are up to the mark.


Since a plagiarism checker detects plagiarism within your content, you could say that it optimizes your content for Google.

There are a lot of features that separate this detector from the others.  This tool is free to use if you need to check 1000 words at a time. However, for greater world count, you have to register as a member and subscribe to a plan of your choice. 

This allows you hassle-free checking and streamlines your work.

What’s more, it’s a multilingual tool detecting duplicate content in different languages. Thus, it helps non-English writers to check their content’s originality.

It relieves the hassle of copy-pasting and you can upload your required text for plagiarism detection.

After checking for copied content it gives a unique as well as the plagiarized content percentage and underlines the content along with sources from where it’s been copied.

Another different feature of this content plagiarism checker is its readability score and word count option.

You can also get a detailed pdf report of your plagiarized content.

2. Textreverse.com

 Textreverse offers you one of the best plagiarism detectors. Their plagiarism checker has become popular among bloggers and content writers recently.