If you’re just getting started with blogging or you’re thinking of starting a blog or online business then check these 10 Podcasts that are a must-listen. This list, which is in no particular order – contains podcasts with hundreds of episodes and some that are fairly new. And the hosts all have their own unique style. The one thing all these blogging podcasts have in common is that after listening to each episode you’ll be infinitely closer to building a successful and profitable blog than you were before. What’s more, you’ll definitely want to keep tuning in for more! 

1. Blogging Breakthroughs with Faith Mariah   

First up, is blogging breakthroughs with faith Mariah. Faith is, direct and to the point. She doesn’t mince her words and she’s frank about the experiences she’s had on her journey as a blogger. If you’re looking for someone who has a no-nonsense approach, then this podcast’s for you. 

Faith started her blogging journey with the Radical Transformation Project a blog that supports people suffering from mental health. After growing this blog to a 5K full-time income she has since started FaithMariah.com where she now helps other women to start their blogging businesses. 

2. The Blogging Millionaire 

The Blogging Millionaire is the podcast hosted by Brandon Gaile of Blog Millionaire. If you’re struggling for time then the Blogging Millionaire podcast is the blogging podcast for you. Each episode is only about 5- 15 minutes long but still packed with tons of actionable tips. Brandon is super knowledgeable and has many different websites. What I love about this podcast is that Brandon gets straight to it, and he explains things in a clear and of course super concise manner, no fluff! Brandon’s own personal story is also very inspiring given that he launched his first blog through necessity due to an illness that made him unemployable, in his own words.

3. Launch Your Blog Biz

The Launch Your Blog Biz blogging podcast is hosted by Lauren  McManus. Lauren is one-half of the Create and Go duo. Together with her business partner Alex, the pair formerly started Avokadu, a health and weight loss blog in around 2016. After having incredible success with Avokadu they went on to launch Create And Go where they now teach others how to build successful blogs. 

What I love about the Launch Your Blog Biz podcast is that Lauren is as straightforward as ever. She had a no BS communication style and comes across as totally upfront. What’s more, even though they’ve achieved incredible success Lauren shares many of their mistakes and challenges openly reminding us all that even the greats started somewhere!

4. Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro is hosted by Bjork Ostrom of the Pinch of Yum blog. In this podcast, they “interview successful food bloggers and industry experts in an effort to surface strategies that can help you more efficiently grow and monetize your site” Everything from blogging themes to SEO to plug in’s are discussed and more. recently, I even heard Bjork do a live Q&A which was hosted on IG.

If you’re thinking of starting a food blog then you should definitely check out the Food Blogger Pro podcast. But even if you’re not thinking of starting a blog in the food niche, this is still a great listen. Not only is it interesting to learn about the food blogging niche, but you can implement many of the strategies and tactics regardless of what niche you’re in.

5. Pro Blogger

Another great podcast is Pro blogger with Darren Rowse. The Pro Blogger blog has been around for ages and Darren’s a blogging legend. Darren has a very down-to-earth style and he shares plenty about the reality of blogging. He also shares the success stories of some of the listeners as well as what’s working for them which can be very inspiring.

Although Darren started blogging some time ago and the challenges of blogging and the blogging landscape have changed, which Darren does highlight himself on the show, plenty of topics that are covered are super relevant regardless of when you start blogging. Like the challenge of creating consistent content and managing blogging on the side of a day job etc.  I personally love  Darren’s easy-going way and Ozzy accent.

6. Become A Blogger With Leslie Samuel

If you have a morning commute then you need to tune in to Become A Blogger. Leslie is so chipper and upbeat he’ll have you feeling on top of the world by the time you get to work, at least that was my experience!  And if your morning commute’s more for quiet time then definitely tune in after work. Basically, I think everyone needs Leslie Samuel in their life. As well as sharing valuable and actionable blogging tips, Leslie also shares a lot about how he fits his blogging business into his life and the goings-on behind the scenes of his business. What’s more, he also talks about the struggles he’s had in the past and how he’s managed them. 

Leslie also has an incredible story about how he got started in Blogging! His journey is a reminder that anything is possible if you take action.

7. Free & Fearless

If you’re looking for inspiration from a blogger who’s having remarkable success and is early on in their blogging career compared to others on the list, then Lidiya Kesarovska of Free & Fearless is your gal! 

Lidiya is a Bulgarian-born blogger who moved to Amsterdam to pursue a new life. During this time she built an enviable freelance writing career and has now built what started as a personal development site, Let’s Reach Success,  into a thriving 5 figure business and lifestyle design blog which receives millions of visitors every single month!

The Free & Fearless podcast is a recent addition but as someone who loves a podcast, I love getting to hear Lidiya talk about her experiences on the go. 

One thing that differentiates Lidiya is that she’s not about that hustling life. she’s all about creating your own vision of success. I love that she stands by this ethos and is not afraid to be different. 

8. Smart Passive Income  (SPI) 

 If you’re serious about starting an online business then make SPI a staple. 

It’s hosted by Pat Flynn from the blog of the same name.  If you don’t know who Patt is yet then tune in to this podcast and thank me later. 

Pat started his online business journey after he got laid off. What started with a niche website focused on helping people pass the architectural green building exam has grown into an online business empire which boasts a physical product- the switch pod, a software solution- the smart podcast player which is the podcast player I use on this very blog, and numerous other successful business ventures, not to mention two books. 

In short, Pat knows a thing or two about online business. Although his specialty is probably affiliate marketing. So yes, you’ll want to tune in to this one! 

9. Ask Pat 

I don’t know about you but personally, I love hearing how other people are getting on in their businesses. Ask Pat delivers on this front since the whole show is based on Pat answering listener questions. You know what they say, if you’re struggling with something, someone else is too – well now you get to hear the solutions and advice from a pro. 

10. Online Marketing Made Easy 

Finally, If you love things laid out in a step-by-step fashion then Amy Porterfield is your mentor and you need to start listening to Online Marketing Made Easy! Amy’s an expert in creating digital courses and webinars, and honestly, her method of teaching is out of this world! 

Every singly podcast episode delivers a ridiculous amount of value but the way it’s done is never overwhelming. 

Amy had an awesome personality and is super easy to listen to! What’s more, personally, I love the fact that she brings on tons of female business owners to share their expertise, something which I still feel we need more of!

Now if you’re thinking this isn’t for me I want to start a blog – think again! Amy is the queen of list building and if you’re going to start and build ANY successful business online then you need to grow your subscriber list and she is the boss on this topic! 

There you have it, my pick of the podcasts I highly recommend you tune in to if you’re thinking of starting an online business and definitely if you’re a beginner blogger. 

What do you think of my list? And are you ready to start your blog? If so, I created a simple step-by-step tutorial to help you get your blog up and running easily.


Do you have any blogging podcasts you love that you would highly recommend? 

Let me know in the comments below – as you probably know by now I can’t get enough when it comes to podcasts!