More than 4 million American workers quit their jobs in February 2022, continuing a trend that began during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since they were often dissatisfied with unpleasant or even abusive working conditions, people decided they no longer would put up with jobs that wore down their minds, bodies, and souls.

Some became entrepreneurs, pursuing long-delayed dreams of owning their own business. Others launched a job search with the specific goal of finding a more satisfying career with a team of colleagues who treat each other with respect. If you’re among the many people looking to make a positive career change, you may recognize some of the five most common employee complaints about their workplace.


It’s galling to see a less competent worker get promoted, receive raises, and be the beneficiary of special treatment. When the boss has a pet, morale among other employees sinks. Working for an employer that consistently rewards sycophants instead of star performers is too much for workers to take, and they walk away.


Unwanted touching, repeated requests for dates, and even threats of retaliation for refusing to engage in sexual activity are all forms of illegal sexual harassment. Sexualized jokes or the circulation of pornographic images that create an environment so hostile that victims can’t do their jobs may be actionable under federal or state discrimination laws.

Employees who have had enough reach out to sexual harassment lawyers who can hold employers accountable and make sure conditions change or employees receive compensation for the distress that a hostile work environment causes.


It’s nearly impossible to get a project done if the boss is hovering over every detail. Managers who can’t give up an ounce of control signal a lack of trust in their employees, which saps motivation. Constantly being second-guessed about your area of expertise is more than enough reason for workers to start looking for a better situation.

Unfair Pay

In the post-pandemic labor market, employers are finally getting the message that workers are no longer willing to accept jobs that don’t pay a living wage. Crowing about how profits are soaring while paying minimum wage doesn’t cut it anymore. Many employers are going to have to rethink pay structures if they want to fill a growing backlog of vacant positions.

Lack of Appreciation

What’s the point of doing a great job if nobody ever thanks you for it? Lack of appreciation is one of the five most common employee complaints about their workplace. When you work long hours to meet a deadline and complete the task with stellar results and receive not a whisper of acknowledgment or appreciation, it’s enough to send you toward the exits. This is especially true if all you get is another stressful, demanding project due in a ridiculously short time.

A post-pandemic power shift is occurring where workers have realized they don’t have to take it anymore. Wise employers will listen and adjust with better pay, more recognition and appreciation, and enforcement of rules against bullying and harassment in the workplace.