If you harbor dreams of becoming a millionaire, you know you’re not alone. While the road to your millions might take time, the good news is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to start living like one. So if you want to know how to live like a millionaire starting today, read on.

Start Investing

If you want to live like a millionaire, then it’s time to start investing because this is one of the main habits that millionaires have in common, according to Elle Kaplan, 35, founder of LexION Capital, a 100% woman-owned wealth management firm in the U.S.

In an interview with Refinery 29, Kaplan shared her thoughts and experiences on reaching millionaire status;

“Investing was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done,” she explained. And she went on to add, “I realized you can’t depend on an employer for your financial security. Instead of spending to make my lifestyle a little comfortable, I knew I had to start building a stake for my future. And you can’t do that by saving alone. You have to save and invest.”

Start Spending Less

It might surprise you to learn that most American families are spending more on groceries than the average millionaire. But they’re probably eating out more at restaurants, right? ( My thoughts exactly!)

Well, that’s not the case. The National Study of Millionaires

found that more than one-third (36%) of millionaires surveyed spent less than $300 each month on groceries, almost two-thirds (64%) spent less than $450, and less than one in five millionaires (19%) spent more than $600 on groceries.

Non-millionaires spend about 57% more on groceries than millionaires ($647/ month)

And when it comes to restaurants, Americans spend an average of $3,365 per year on eating out. That’s more than $280 per month. But apparently, the average millionaire spends $267 monthly on eating out.

While all these figures have increased due to the changes in the cost of living, the general message is clear, start spending less.

Continue to Learn and Grow

If you want to truly live like a millionaire, then another essential activity that must feature in your life is continual learning. Millionaires spend ample time on learning and growth, and it’s an integral part of their daily lives. So, read ferociously, listen to podcasts, join a mastermind, or whatever works for you. Either way, never stop learning.

Take this advice from Lisa Nicole Cloud, direct sales expert, entrepreneur, speaker, fashion designer, author, and a woman who made her first million at the age of 35.

“Always feel like you’re in a student mode,”

“I’m still learning, and I believe we have to continue to learn even when we’re already successful. It’s when people start reading their own press and when egos come in that they stop growing.”

Wake up Early

If you want to live like a millionaire or even a billionaire, then you might want to consider waking up early ( If you don’t already).

According to Business Insider, Spanx Founder Sara Blakely tries to get a morning yoga session in as early as 6:30 am, and even more shockingly, she’s never had a cup of coffee!

And Sunny Lenarduzzi, video marketing queen and Youtube extraordinaire, has attributed her early morning starts, between 6am and 6.30am, to the success of her business.

“My morning routine has been a key part of growing my business to multiple seven figures a year.”

Check out her morning routine below:

Other early risers include former Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi, who started her morning at 4am and arrived at work no later than 7am.

Be Clear and Specific About What You Want

If you want to live like a millionaire, hell, if you want to BECOME a millionaire, then you have to be clear and specific about what you want! This is according to Mariam Wendt, a sought-after business coach who has built her own million-dollar empire.

In an article on her blog, Wendt shares the habits that she and her other millionaire friends have in common, and being clear about what you want is at the top of the list.

Also on the list of millionaire habits are focusing on personal development, knowing the value of your time, working smarter, not harder, and prioritizing networking and connections.

Focus Your Attention and Energy on What You Want & Trust it Will Happen

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” – Thomas Edison.

Being clear and specific about what you want is only one piece of the puzzle if you want to live like a millionaire. According to Sandy Forster, author of Wildly Wealthy, International Millionaire Mindset mentor, speaker, and self-made millionaire, focusing your mind on what you want and trusting it will happen is vital, but you also have to put your energy into it to make it happen. You have to take action.

Millionaires are action-takers, so living like a millionaire means taking lots of action. And if you tend to overthink things, then it’s time to stop and realize that taking lots of imperfect action is better than taking no action.

“Too many people worry that they don’t know what action to take. Just take ANY action, and you’ll very quickly see in a short space of time if it’s the right action or the wrong action,” says Sandy.

If you put these steps into action, then you’ll be doing what many millionaires do and living like one. The great news is that while you won’t become a millionaire overnight, you will increase your chances of making it happen.