Dr. Susan Nicholas MD has an impressive resume by most people’s standards, and that’s not all. From her own personal experience, Susan Nicholas also knows what it takes to achieve financial freedom and how to improve your relationship with money.

A former surgeon,  Susan is an international speaker, healer, and coach. But behind this success, is a story of financial and emotional struggle.

In this episode Susan Nicholas discusses the biggest obstacles holding many of us back from financial wealth and shares the story of her own path to discovering the things that were holding her back financially and how she overcame them, to finally achieve financial freedom and happiness. 

Topics discussed include:

  • How your self worth impacts your net worth 
  • How to quiet your mind so you can tap into your higher consciousness and why you should
  • How to shift your energy to improve your relationship with money 
  • Let go of baggage, increase your energy, and increase your self-worth. 
  • How to deal with fear and shame and transform your money story
  • The power of mending your relationship with money

Words of wisdom: 

On wealth and self-worth

To have sustainable wealth we must elevate our self worth

Most of us feel pretty bad about ourselves. we have a very sabotaging and contemptuous relationship with ourselves. …Many of us harbor a bit of self-loathing and anytime we harbor those feelings about ourself it shows up in our money. 

Self-worth and financial net worth, one begets the other but they are not the same. But we can never be financially free if our self worth is in the toilet. 

On higher consciousness

Waking up consciously and coming to higher awareness is an inside job. 

On important relationships

There are two relationships that every single human being has in common and that is the relationship with themselves and the relationship with money. 

Believe in yourself implicitly   

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