After an 8-year career break, mum and entrepreneur, Rebecca Newenham was ready to get back in business, but she wanted more flexibility than the corporate world would allow. Rebecca decided that the only way she could continue to have the work-life balance and flexibility she wanted was to set up her own business and after a short course and extensive research, Get Ahead VA was born.

Rebecca launched Get Ahead VA in 2010 and has since grown the team considerably, with clients Nationwide across the UK with plans in already a place  for further expansion into the franchise space.



  • Cashflow has been the biggest challenge with clients not always paying on time
  • Demonstrating value for money to clients who may feel there re cheaper options available

Words of Wisdom

  • Don’t be scared about boring people about what you’re doing, tell anyone and everyone
  • People that know you are always your number one fans
  • Be clear on your proposition and what your offering
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money to get to the end goal
  • Understand where your strengths are and how you work best
  • Be consistent, do things on a regular basis. Have a consistent daily, weekly routine

Be caring and sharing then that comes your way as well


Get Ahead VA 

Resources Mentioned

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuit
  • Pomodoro