So often, we’re afraid to go after the things we want in our careers or business because we fear that our lack of previous experience in the area will be a barrier to our success. This stops us from realizing our truest potential and achieving the happiness and success we’re capable of and deserve. This post is part of a series of stories about women who have made a success of themselves and built incredible businesses in industries that they previously knew nothing about. 

Lots of us love peanut butter, but in an interview with Pippa Murray, the founder of Pip & Nut shared the truth of how she got started and turned her love for the popular spread into a thriving multi-million-pound empire.

From humble beginnings

Pippa Murray has always been into all things healthy, from running to healthy snacking, and peanut butter was her favorite post-run snack. So when she noticed that most brands of nut butter contained palm oils and sugars, she decided to create a product that would be much more nutritionally credible and challenge the status quo. 

The homemade nut butter brand which started life being sold at a local London market soon became a local favorite, with increasing demand. The brand has since expanded far beyond peanuts and now boasts an array of delicious flavor offerings. The business has also expanded to include squeeze packs, almond milk, a cookbook, and more! 

But things didn’t happen overnight

“It took me about 2 years to get the brand properly launched so it was quite a long and painful 2 years. My background isn’t in food and drink at all so the first 6 months were actually spent trying to understand what were the first steps to take. 

“It was my first foray into food and drink. I literally made it from my own kitchen. I started developing the product using my own blender at home and I developed a range of flavors that I thought were quite tasty and then started making them in bulk, 100 jars at a time.” 

“I used to take them down to Maltby Street market, and I’d just sell them at the weekend. So I was still working my day job at the time and I did that for three months. That was my market testing. I could have done consumer focus groups but instead, I was going out and testing it out on the public. I think for me that was a really important first step.”

“Whilst I always knew I wanted a supermarket brand that was a household name, doing that initial step to take you out of your day job, but also to get some genuinely honest feedback on your product, by selling it and getting the general public to buy it, was really useful, and I spent a long time doing that and tweaking the product on a week by week basis” 

Key takeaways from Pippa’s story

In today’s world, where things are so instantaneous, it’s too easy to see success in the same way. We want to see the results of our actions yesterday, and if things don’t happen quickly, we’re even quicker to give up. Assuming that things will never work out, that there’s something wrong with us, that we can’t do it, or that it’s not meant to be. But it’s this mindset of instant gratification that hold’s many of us back from achieving great things. 

While it’s ok to be impatient, in fact, many of the most successful people are, that doesn’t mean that if things don’t happen overnight then there’s something wrong with you. Some things take time and that’s ok. 

So if you’re trying to build your own empire, don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking a little longer than you’d hoped or expected, you’re in excellent company. 

Listen to the full interview with Pippa Murray where she shares exactly how she got started, including the highs, lows, and everything in between.