Every year, thousands of ambitious college students graduate and walk out of the walls of higher learning into the real world. The biggest innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners will be among these bright-eyed graduates. Some of them are armed with clear business plans, while others have nothing but dreams. All of them are determined to create their unique career paths and future. There are a lot of startup ideas that you should consider, especially if you want to become an entrepreneur. Here are seven great after-college business ideas that you should consider to achieve your goals. Let’s get started!


If you’ve graduated successfully, chances are you excelled in several subjects. Whether it’s chemistry, math, or essay writing, you can use your knowledge to help others who are struggling in areas where you excel. In college, there will always be a high demand for tutors. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time promoting your services. There are a lot of options on the table for those who want to build a tutoring business, for instance, tutoring through peer centers in college. 

When you apply and register as a college paper writer in a learning institution, you’ll earn extra cash without having to spend a lot of time or energy marketing your services. If you want to do this independently, look for institutions with an online community board where you can post the services you offer and your rates. You can leave fliers at the library and front desk. Another simple way to market yourself is by talking to the professors and encouraging them to spread the good news. Tutors can charge anywhere between $10 to $100 depending on the city and subject.

2. Resume writing service

Most college students need a well-written resume while preparing for life after school or applying for an internship. Job opportunities and internships are quite competitive. And how a resume looks can make or break an individual’s chances of landing a job. First, you need to ensure that your resume is outstanding to guarantee the services you offer. 

Read articles and books on resume writing. And start perfecting yours. If you love writing and know how to organize information clearly, resume writing is a perfect opportunity for you to help others as you generate income. Professional writers charge hundreds of dollars to create a resume.

3. Bookkeeping

What comes to mind when you think of bookkeeping? Math, numbers, finance, and accounting, right? You need not be a financial expert to start a bookkeeping business. All you need to have is basic accounting knowledge. By developing your computer and problem-solving skills, bookkeeping will be your ideal business. Every business has to maintain bookkeeping records. Therefore, there’ll always be a demand for bookkeepers. 

Outsourcing a graduate as a bookkeeper is a great way for organizations to save costs. The costs of starting a bookkeeping business are low. You need software such as Xero or QuickBooks, which cost anywhere between five to seventy dollars per month. Most professionals charge $60 per hour for these services. This fee may vary depending on your experience and the complexity of the work. You should start with a lower price and increase it gradually as you develop your skills and build your referral base.

4. Influencer

Blogging is an amazing business opportunity for college graduates. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, you probably know how this works. You can get a devoted audience with little time and effort. All you have to do is find a niche that you and your followers are passionate about. You can start generating revenue on a platform like YouTube. You need to come up with fun ideas and invest in a good camera. You can also consider collaborating with other influencers to popularize your content.

5. Photographer

Due to the rising popularity of social media platforms, everyone is striving to have unique and bright photos on their accounts. If you love photography, this is an amazing opportunity for you to turn your hobby into a well-paying profession. You can take online courses or attend masterclasses to develop your photography skills and start generating revenue. You can also consider partnering up with event organizers to take photos at exclusive events. When you work on expanding your skills, your business will automatically expand.

6. Graphic Designing

For those who are passionate about graphic design, there are several business opportunities available after college. With the increasing demand for creativity, the field of graphic designing offers endless possibilities. In fact, you can design your own products like T-shirts, shirts, and hats and further sell them online. There are different platforms that provide tools to custom design your products, such as printful.com/design-your-own-hat. This online business idea can be pretty lucrative. 

7. Child Caretaker

Are you good with children? A babysitting business could be a good opportunity for you to develop your skills as you earn money. Whether it’s picking kids up from school or taking care of them during the day, there’ll always be a demand for babysitters. You can use babysitting services such as care.com or SitterCity.com to promote your services and get in touch with busy parents. 

There are learning institutions that offer career listing sites that connect learners and graduates to babysitting opportunities locally. You’ll need to be confident in your skills because babysitting requires an incredible amount of responsibility. Babysitting rates range from $8 to $40 per hour depending on your location, experience, number of children, and the amount of work involved – cooking, driving, and handling pets, to name a few.

7. Cleaning Service

A cleaning service is a great alternative for graduates who already have a full-time job. To succeed in the cleaning business, you have to be trustworthy. The majority of successful cleaners built their businesses off referrals only. You need to keep things simple at the initial stages. Consider building an online platform such as a website or blog to market your services. To avoid additional costs, require your customers to supply most of the cleaning supplies and use home-based solutions and recyclable rags to clean. Cleaning experts charge from $20 per hour. You should always overestimate the amount of time that you’ll need to clean especially if it’s a large space.


You need to conduct extensive research before choosing a business venture. As the popular saying goes, knowledge is power. Start small and increase your rates gradually as you develop your skills.

About The Author:

This post was written by Leon Collier. Leon is a blogger and academic writer from the UK who works with dissertation writing services and paper writing service review. He likes trying new subjects and is always focused on proving his worth as a writer in new and challenging writing areas. His hobbies are reading books and playing tabletop games with his friends. You can reach him via Twitter @LeonCollier12.