13 07, 2020

SOS073: How To Use Positive Psychology To Improve Your Life And Career

2020-09-29T07:59:04+01:00By |Mindset, Podcast|

Positive Psychology is more important than ever but do you know what positive psychology is and how it can help you? In this episode, Positive Psychology specialist and Coach, Adele Hawkes, discusses the truth behind positive psychology and how positive psychology and help you improve your life and career.

6 07, 2020

SOS072: Increase Your Gravitas And Have More Presence With Caroline Goyder 

2020-09-29T07:59:05+01:00By |Podcast|

Some people just have IT. They have gravitas and they have a presence. When they walk into a room, or when they speak, people take note. In this interview Caroline Goyder, founder of The Gravitas Method and the author of Gravitas, Star Quality, and Find Your Voice shares her expert tips and advice for increasing your gravitas.

29 06, 2020

SOS071: How To Improve Your Public Speaking And Make More Impact

2020-09-29T07:59:06+01:00By |Podcast|

Tricia Brouk is a shining example of what it takes to build your dream life and career and what can happen when you take bold and brave actions. Having moved to New York City at 20 years old to pursue a career in dance, Tricia launched her own fitness company in order to support herself while she traveled around the world in pursuit of her dream of dancing. Fast forward to today and Tricia is a highly successful Writer, Director, and choreographer of film, television, and theatre. And that's not all...

15 06, 2020

SOS069: How To Declutter And Stay Organized With Kay Patterson, The Organized Soprano

2023-11-05T11:25:45+00:00By |Podcast|

Kay Patterson is a professional home organizer and no stranger to changing careers. From teaching horse riding to studying veterinary medicine to becoming an organizational consultant for a large retail outlet. But her bravery and willingness to take on new challenges and pursue her true path hasn’t stopped Kay from experiencing serious bouts of imposter syndrome

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