Do you enjoy helping people but want to run your own business? In the healthcare industry, numerous medical professions let you be your own boss. In our list, we break down some of the most popular medical jobs where you can open your own practice. 

Home Health Care Nurse

If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse or feel worn down about working in a hospital every day, you should consider becoming a home health care nurse. Before becoming fully self-employed as a home nurse, you’ll probably have to work for a home nurse provider or assisted living facility. After you make connections, you can work for yourself.

As a self-employed home nurse, you can choose which patients you see, your rates, and you get to plan your work schedule. You get to do the face-to-face work with patients you love without the hassle of having a boss!


Chiropractor is one of the fastest-growing professions in the healthcare industry. You still need to go to school and obtain a license. After graduation, you’ll probably be an associate for a while. But after you pay your dues, you can open a private practice!

There are many factors to consider before starting a chiropractic practice. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss and practice your profession the way you want to do it, not how someone else does it. 

Physical Therapist

Like a chiropractor, a physical therapist can start their own practice after gaining some experience and equity. A physical therapist requires a bit more education and training, as most states require at least a master’s degree. Some states require a clinical doctorate as well.

Once you’ve gained your credentials, you can start your physical therapy practice, where you can build a network of clients dealing with issues you’re best at treating. 


It’s obvious but still worth stating that you can also become your own boss as a physician. It’s a long and expensive process to become a physician. Still, after working in a hospital for some time, you can start your practice, see the patients you want to see, and treat the illnesses you’re best at treating. 

Being a medical professional doesn’t require you to work in a hospital and answer to a boss. There are plenty of medical professions that let you be your own boss for nurses, doctors, and physical therapists.