Technology changes rapidly, with new software programs increasing efficiency and innovations in tech making the previously impossible possible. For women in or entering the workforce, adapting to the ever-changing tech world is crucial for carving out a career. 

Even with everyone shouting, “Learn everything!” from the rooftops, developing a comprehensive understanding of new tech is easier said than done. Use these tips on how to quickly teach yourself a new technology to help sure up your tech comprehension and advance your career.

Embrace Change

One of the greatest obstacles to learning new tech is an unwillingness to accept change as a never-ending process. Having an open mind is the first step to learning anything as dynamic and actively growing as tech. Instead of opposing the latest trends and evolutions of software and systems, embrace everything that comes out, even if you don’t understand it right away. Even if your current tools do the job, make an effort to find out how the newest version works and understand its pros and cons. Accepting change makes learning easier, faster, and less frustrating.

Seek Help from Experts

Learning new tech skills is much easier when you have an expert on hand to guide you. Luckily, there are many free expert resources today online, from well-written technical guides to tutorial videos on manufacturer and brand websites. Online coaching or expert-led courses provide a chance to fill in knowledge gaps. Use every resource available to you, and do not hesitate to ask questions as you learn.

Search on YouTube

YouTube is arguably one of the most important tools for anyone looking to learn online. You can find videos on new tech on YouTube covering just about any subject imaginable, from how new software works to how it impacts your industry. Many people have taught themselves the latest programs using video tutorials from YouTube alone. Whether you’re trying to understand if you can repair circuitry for appliances like TVs or teach yourself a coding language, tech channels on YouTube have plenty of knowledge to offer.

Be Persistent

One of the keys to quickly teaching yourself a new technology is to remain persistent. It takes time to learn and perfect anything, especially regarding highly technical content. Don’t give up if you feel intimidated or confused as you dive into new tech! Push yourself to repeatedly try, search for new angles to approach challenges, and embrace the process of trial and error. Tackling new tech requires some stubbornness and determination, but the efforts certainly pay off in the end.

Make Your Learning Process Fun

The learning process is much easier and faster if you view the subject, challenges, and accomplishments as fun. Focusing on the interesting parts of new tech helps motivate you to find out more, maintain persistence, and seek help. Incorporating different learning aids like audio-visual learning materials or open-source projects and teamwork is an excellent way to keep the learning process enjoyable. While not every aspect of learning how to use a new device or software is exciting, making way for fun turns a tedious and frustrating effort into one worth doing again.