You know the job you want but you can’t seem to make it happen. Whether it’s because your dream job doesn’t seem to be out there, or because you’re making applications, having interviews but haven’t had any offers, it might be time to get woo-woo and manifest a new job! But how do you manifest a job? how do you attract a job you want?

Now that you’ve finished rolling your eyes, read on to find out how to start manifesting and how to attract your dream job into your life. After all, what could be the downside?

What exactly is manifestation? 

There are lots of different definitions of the word manifestation, but the type of manifestation we’re talking here relates to The Law of Attraction. 

In short, The Law of Attraction is the belief that everything comes into your life because you attract them through the thoughts that you have. It is always working whether you’re conscious of it or not and whether you believe in it or not. The things you attract can be negative or positive and are based on the types of thoughts that you focus on. To put it simply, focusing your mind on negative thoughts will bring about negative things into your life while focusing on positive thoughts will bring about positive things into your life. 

So, manifestation means using your thoughts and energy to bring things into your life ( manifest). 

Now you know what manifestation is, you’re probably firstly thinking this is all a bit too woo-woo, and secondly, you’re probably wondering what it has to do with your job search or career success. 

The good news is that you can use manifestation in any aspect of your life and your job search or career success are no different. You can definitely use it to attract a job that you want. 

Here’s how to manifest a job you want in 5  steps. 

1. Get clear on WHAT you want to manifest 

Before you start trying to manifest anything it’s important to get clear on exactly what it is you want. The truth is that there are probably a million and one things that you want in your life, but thinking of all these things won’t help you manifest. You need to be crystal clear on the ONE thing that you really want and are going to focus on right now- in this case, it’s a new job. Maybe in the long term, you want to get a promotion, to manage a team, to be earning a certain amount of money, but here and now, its a new job. 

Get very clear on the job that you want. Here are some questions to help you get clarity:

What job do you want? 

What do you want to do in your job every day? 

How will having this job make you FEEL ( This is important) 

Be very clear on each of these things. 

2. Avoid the things that will hold you back 

Whether it’s because the job you want doesn’t seem to exist in your current company, or because it’s a big step up or change from the job you’re doing now- whatever the reason, there are bound to be things that could hold you back. 

These things could come in the form of negative people telling you why you can’t get the job, your own mind turning on you with negative self-talk and negative beliefs and even just your own impatience. Remember, if you really want this job, then you need to commit to getting it, whether it’s in a month or three months. 

3. Focus your mind on what you WANT and not what you DON’T want  

Our minds are heat-seeking missiles for negative things. It’s the way we’re wired. That’s why you need to make a point of focusing on the positive things, the things you want, not the things you fear, the things you don’t want. This takes training. Decide to focus on and stay focused on what you want rather than spending your mental energy on negative thoughts, worry, and fear. Focusing on feeling good is a key part of manifestation. After all, when was the last time you felt terrible while thinking really positive and productive thoughts? 

Here are 3 great tools and exercises to help you focus your mind on what to manifest:

  1. Create a vision board
  2. Daily Visualization 
  3. Daily Meditation 

You’re clear on what you want. You’ve resolved to avoid those negative things that can hold you back. You are doing your visualization on a daily basis- heck you’re doing it twice daily. 

So, where is your dream job? 

Doing these things alone won’t bring about the job you want miraculously. This is where people get confused and frustrated when it comes to manifestation. 

Thinking things alone won’t bring about the change you want. Your thoughts are important and the critical first step. Having the right thoughts opens you up for the things you want to come into your life and also prepares you for the next important step…

4. Take Action. 

Just thinking about things alone isn’t enough. You need to actually take some action. What steps 1  – 3  will do is tell the universe what it is that you want and make sure that your mind is primed to recognize any opportunities that come into your life. It also means that the actions you take will be congruent with what you want to manifest. What’s more, you’ll notice that once you do these things, you’ll start to notice things that you perhaps hadn’t noticed before. Perhaps you’ll notice certain opportunities coming up, or maybe you’ll be inspired to attend new events and get out there to meet different people in the right field- either way-  taking even the smallest action which feels right will start to bring the job you want into your life. 

5. Have gratitude 

When the things we want don’t show up in our lives as quickly as we’d like, it’s easy to want to give up. But all this does it put you into a negative and unresourceful state. Rather than giving up on ever finding and landing the job you really want, take time – ideally every day- to be thankful for the job you already have, the opportunities that have come your way so far, the good people in your life. Whatever it is- be grateful because doing this sends out a message to the universe to send you more. More good relationships, more opportunities, more great things to be thankful for.  

It’s too easy to look around and focus on what other people have already achieved, to see someone else out there who might already have the job you’re trying to manifest and forget to feel grateful for what you have right now. 

And if you’ve already successfully manifested a job you want, then be thankful for that. 

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