You’ve been asked it a million times, in an interview, in a team working project, as an icebreaker at a networking event, or even on your first day in a new job. But no matter how many times you get asked, you dread it. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. Or, even worse, tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Personally, I loathe this question. I know it’s supposed to be a light way to open up a conversation, but honestly, who’s to decide what’s interesting or fun?

Well, if, like me, you also hate this question, here’s a list of ideas you can have ready to go so you can stop worrying that your life’s just way too dull and focus on the questions that really matter.

1. Travel Adventures

Share an interesting travel experience, such as a unique destination, cultural immersion, or a memorable journey.

2. Unusual Hobbies

Talk about a hobby or interest that’s less common or unexpected, like fire juggling, beekeeping, or glassblowing.

3. Achievements

Mention an impressive achievement, whether it’s a sports accomplishment, academic success, or a personal milestone.

4. Language Skills

Highlight your proficiency in multiple languages or a unique dialect or accent you can speak.

5. Volunteer Work

Discuss your meaningful volunteer experiences, particularly if they’re related to the job or industry you’re interviewing for.

6. Talents

Share a unique talent or skill you have, such as playing a musical instrument, drawing, or even ventriloquism.

7. Adventurous Activities

Mention adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, or white-water rafting.

8. Community Involvement

Talk about your involvement in community projects, fundraisers, or leadership roles in clubs or organizations.

9. Culinary Interests

Share your passion for cooking, baking, or hosting unique dinner parties.

10. Family or Heritage

Discuss interesting aspects of your family history or cultural heritage, like being a descendant of a famous historical figure.

11. Entrepreneurial Ventures

Mention any side businesses or entrepreneurial projects you’ve been involved in.

12. Artistic Pursuits

Talk about your involvement in the arts, whether it’s painting, acting, or poetry writing.

13. Educational Pursuits

Share unusual courses, certifications, or workshops you’ve completed or are interested in.

14. Fitness and Sports

Mention your participation in sports events, competitions, or your commitment to an unconventional fitness routine.

15. Technology and Gadgets

Talk about your fascination with emerging technologies, gadgets you’ve built, or coding projects.

16. Animals and Pets

Share interesting stories about your pets or experiences with exotic animals.

17. Cultural Experiences

Describe your participation in cultural celebrations, festivals, or traditions that might be unique to your background.

18. Environmental Initiatives

Discuss your involvement in eco-friendly practices, sustainability projects, or conservation efforts.

19. DIY Projects

Highlight your skills in DIY home improvement, crafting, or creating innovative solutions.

20. Philanthropy

Share your commitment to a particular cause, charity work, or fundraising efforts.

Hopefully, this list has put you at ease. The next time you get asked the dreaded question, and you will, you’ll be ready. Use these general topics as a starting point for crafting a fun and engaging response during a job interview so you can showcase your personality and interests to potential employers with as little stress as possible.