Finding the right career for your needs usually depends on financial security, work environment, and overall job enjoyment. Many women find immense success and fulfillment from jobs in the finance industry, so it’s the perfect option for anyone looking to make a significant career change. However, there is a vast range of opportunities within this field, including becoming a CPA. If you’re pondering a career in handling money, check out the daily responsibilities of a certified public accountant to see if this job is right for you.

Examine Finances

CPAs hold many of the same responsibilities as accountants, and examining client financial records is their main duty. A CPA analyzes records to help create budgets, begin tax return processes, and oversee audits. As with most jobs regarding money, CPAs make sure that portfolios are legally sound under federal, state, and local regulations. The work must be thorough to avoid any trouble with the law. If numbers are your talent, this aspect of the job is perfect for you! 

Aid With Tax Returns

As stated above, calculating tax returns for clients is a massive factor in being a CPA. Some individuals work with small clients, while others create tax return plans for massive businesses and organizations. Calculating tax returns involves finding total taxes owed and filing the correct deduction forms. Basically, a CPA ensures clients pay what they need and get back what they’re owed. 

Advise Clients on Financial Opportunities

Advising clients on financial opportunities is a great way to grow alongside trusted and respected clients. This is potentially the most exciting aspect of being a certified public accountant, as advising clients on new and future financial opportunities involves critical thinking, finance knowledge, and creativity. CPAs are more well-versed in money than non-certified accountants, giving them more precedence and authority to create financial pathways for individuals or businesses. 

These plans include retirement, operations management or improvement, and lowering taxes. A CPA is a trusted asset for many people and companies, as their insight is invaluable for better efficiency, reputation, and long-term security. 

Forensic Examinations

Another unique aspect of CPA work is that these individuals can operate in many different fields and industries. CPAs work in public accounting, business accounting, government accounting, and even assist criminal investigations.

Known as forensic accounting, some CPAs conduct audits on suspected criminals to discover any financial crimes they may have committed, such as fraud. Working with local law enforcement, these CPAs fight corruption by examining numbers, and many of these individuals enjoy their contribution to society.

The daily responsibilities of a certified public accountant are unique within the industry because they’re unlike all other accountants. While all accounting careers are exciting in their own ways, CPAs can dip their toes into a vast array of financial work and help people plan their futures. Becoming a CPA is simple and involves certification processes such as CPA exams and education. If you’re looking to make a massive jump into an engaging job, consider the exciting career of public accounting.