If you’re a creative person with a keen eye for detail and an understanding of what customers like, you can monetize your talents and skills. Consider careers such as a designer, artist, or writer where you can use your natural aptitudes to make money. Several lucrative opportunities are now available where you can hone your skills and develop hands-on experience. 

Over time, as you build a portfolio of projects that you completed successfully along with rave client reviews, you can make good money. You’ll also invest in further developing your skills by signing up for courses and earning credentials that prospective employers would like to see on your resume. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting creative jobs available to you. 

5 High-Paying Creative Jobs to Monetize Your Best Talents

User Experience (UX) Director

Whatever may be the category of products companies develop the most critical factor that influences their designs and marketing strategies is the UX or User Experience. Your job description as a UX director is to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by maximizing the product’s functionality and appeal. You could work with in-house design and development teams to improve product features and specifications. Or, you might interact with customers to understand their impressions while using the product. As the director, you’ll train designers and user experts and track metrics and reviews to understand better what works. This job option can fetch you an average salary of around $130,500. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Expert

Having a robust digital presence on social medial platforms is indispensable for a company’s success in the digital era. If you are good at designing creative marketing strategies to attract likes and orders for products, this career is perfect for you. The job description typically includes developing attractive and compelling campaigns for user interaction and maximum sales. You’ll also respond to queries and address complaints. In a nutshell, you’re the company spokesperson who interacts with clients presenting a live persona with whom they can communicate. Social media platforms can also reveal more about customer expectations that can influence further concepts. Expect to earn an average salary of $52,326.


If you’re good with essay writing and using words to get your message across effectively, this is the career for you. Since the entire digital world is based on compelling content, this sphere is extremely lucrative for the professional with the right skills. You’ll write articles, blogs, content for web pages, and messages for posting on social media. Depending on the industry where your client works, you might be asked to create product descriptions, well-researched white papers, or academic-styled content to project their products in the best way. To be successful as a copywriter, you should be great with research and curating, and presenting information in a unique way. Typical salaries can average at $52,579.

Product Designer

What do customers want? Answering this simple question is the primary objective of your career as a product designer. You’ll work with designers and engineers to develop new product designs that your company clients would be interested in purchasing. Use your skills and technical expertise to improve and enhance existing products by altering their specifications to match changing trends and consumer preferences. At times, changing the product’s appearance, packaging, or presentation can also make it more appealing, and that’s exactly what you’ll do. You might also be asked to identify the reasons why a new release failed to capture the market and the possible alterations you can make to improve its marketability. This position could potentially earn you a salary of $110,312 per year.

Brand Manager

This is one career where you can use your marketing and advertising skills. Your job description is all about coming up with creative campaigns around current events to interest customers in your company’s products and services. You’ll keep your finger on the pulse of the market to identify pain points and work out how to resolve the issues. The strategies you develop will center around industry and market trends and competitor activities. You could work in-house with team members or connect with customers to understand their thought processes. Developing a recognizable brand is the most critical aspect of your position. As for salary, expect an average of $62,000.

There are several spheres out there where there is an ever-increasing demand for professionals with exceptional creative skills. You simply have to identify the niche where you can monetize your talents and build a lucrative career. Be prepared to work hard and you can certainly go places.