An affirmation is an action or process of affirming something or emotional support or encouragement. No matter how woo-woo it might seem, I think you’ll agree that from time to time, we could all do with someone in our corner giving us this emotional support and encouragement, especially where work is concerned. So why not let that someone be you? After all, if there are affirmations for career growth or affirmations for job success, wouldn’t it make sense to make good use of them? 

Most of us don’t think twice about the negative self-talk and the self-doubt that goes on in our heads, but the idea of writing down or even saying daily affirmations can seem silly. Well, it’s time that all changed. This year, rather than beating yourself up when things don’t go as planned or because you’re not where you want to be… yet… why not use these affirmations for career growth and job success to give you the positive input you need.

Here are 49 affirmations for your career growth and job success

1. It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step in my career 

2. I am worthy of the career success I desire

3. Doors are opening for me

4. There are lots of great opportunities open to me

5. I am an asset to any organization 

6. I have the skills I need to step up in my career 

7. My dream job is on its way to me right now

8. Every interview takes me closer to my dream job 

9. I can do this

10. I am creating my dream career 

11. I am creating my career success

12. Every day spent searching takes me closer to my dream job

13. I am open to new opportunities 

14. I am attracting great opportunities 

15. I attract amazing career opportunities with ease

16. Every interview is a learning opportunity 

17. Every no for my wrong job takes me closer to my right job

18. I deserve to be happy in my career 

19. I am achieving my career goals 

20. I am confident and calm in interviews 

21. I am an incredible employee, and any employer is lucky to have me

22. I am a valuable member of my team 

23. I have plenty to offer and contribute to my job 

24. I produce amazing results

25. Great things are happening in my career right now

26. My career is abundant 

27. I am excited to continually develop my skills and expand my knowledge

28. I am confident to speak up and share my ideas and talent

29. I have confidence and believe in myself

30. My perfect job is on its way to me right now 

31. I have great relationships with my colleagues 

32. I do my best in my work, and I am rewarded in many ways 

33. I start the day with positivity 

34. I focus on the lessons when problems arise 

35. I am never afraid to ask for help 

36. I support and encourage my colleagues

37. I am thankful for my job and make the most of every opportunity it provides me

38. I deserve a career that fulfills me

39. My energy attracts the right career opportunities to me with ease

40. My perfect career opportunity is on its way to me

41. I am the creator of my career success

42. The more I learn and develop, the happier I become in my career

43. I always see the possibilities in my career

44. A career change is an opportunity to get more of what I want from my career

45. I am ready to take on any challenge that my job throws at me

46. I contribute and make a difference to my colleagues and organization

47. No matter what I do, I choose to put my full energy into it and do it to the highest standards

48. The universe keeps sending me opportunities

49. Every day is a learning opportunity


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