Being crafty is a wildly marketable skill set that does exceptionally well online. Women looking to make changes in their work-life have so many opportunities available to them now that they can sell almost anything digitally. We’re here to help you navigate this uncharted territory. Whether you’re looking for a career change or want to start a side-hustle, here’s what to know before selling your handmade products online.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is your identity. Successful online sellers have a strong brand that customers can easily recognize, even if they’re unfamiliar with your product. Even if your business is small, you can still make the most of your brand identity.

The most apparent sign of brand identity is your company logo. However, there is more to it than that. Create an “about me” page on your website and tell your story to the world. Establish your ethics and goals so that everyone knows what they can expect from you.

Consistency Is Key

Everyone likes to know what they’ll receive every time they make a purchase. However, staying consistent is most difficult when you involve handcrafted products. With a larger capacity for human error to occur, keeping your standards in mind is more crucial.

The best small business owners listen to their customer feedback and make changes accordingly. Try and work out the kinks in your designs and packaging before you start selling, but also stay willing to make changes if necessary. Make sure that every product you put your name on makes you proud.

Marketing Matters

In the digital age, having an online marketing strategy is vital to the success of your business. It’s not enough to spread the word about your products by mouth alone. You’ll want to establish a solid online presence that anyone can find in just a few clicks.

The great thing about the internet is that you can teach yourself how to do almost anything. Read articles and watch videos about SEO marketing, social media management, and building an email list. All of these tools are there to help you introduce yourself and your products to the world.

Perfect Your Packaging

The last thing you should know before selling your handmade products online is the importance of packaging. Your packaging informs your customers about your items before they even get their hands on them. Ensure you make a good impression by investing in quality supplies that protect your products.

You should also keep shipping materials in mind. Secure your product during shipping so that everything is safe in transit. Your handcrafted items should look the same in your customer’s hands as they do after you make them. Nothing is worse than receiving a broken product, so take the time to perfect your shipping methods.

It’s time for you to take the digital community by storm. Now that you have a basic idea of setting yourself up for success, the possibilities are endless.  Use these tools to level up your business and watch your products blossom.