Whether you sell retail, craft supplies, or anything else under the sun, you’ll eventually need to find a vendor to supply products to your business. When choosing a vendor for your business, there are many factors to look for. The easiest way to judge a vendor is through the four Cs: character, communication, cost, and capability. Beyond the four Cs, don’t forget to think about reliability, quality, and values. Carefully evaluate every aspect before making a concrete decision.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a vendor is the characteristics they show and represent through their business. Align your business values and review the vendor’s leadership qualities while reading up on reviews and comments from previous companies who did business with the vendor. Go over the vending company’s policies to avoid vendor lock-in as well.


In a fast-paced business, you must have excellent communication with the vendor. Does the company respond to you promptly? Are the representatives too pushy or unclear? Communicate with the vendor to get a feel for their skills before deciding who you want to work with. If you notice previous clients mention poor communication in their reviews, save yourself the headache and find a different vendor. Nothing is more frustrating than a business that will not respond promptly to your requests.


Cost is a huge factor in a lot of business decisions. Never go with the cheapest vendor and instead take the time to plot out everything you need and want from a vendor. Aspects to consider include the cost of the service or product, savings to the bottom line, labor savings, time savings, and the cost of partnership.


While most vendors can accomplish relatively similar feats, you want to choose a company for its accomplishments rather than its physical attributes. Is the vendor capable of performing exactly what you need to better your business? Understand the benefits of working with a particular vendor and review their customer satisfaction before deciding.

Other Factors To Consider

There are other factors to consider in a vendor besides the four Cs, including reliability, quality, and values. You will be relying on your vendor for products and other materials, along with communication and capability. Is this vendor reliable? It’s vital that you receive your shipments on time with the correct number of items you bought. 

You must also ensure that the products you are buying are high quality. You never want to give your customers a product that you don’t fully believe in. Consider the values of the vendor as well—are their priorities aligned with your own? The vendor should be doing everything they can to make you satisfied with their business.

Are you ready to choose a vendor for your business? Keep the four Cs in mind when you begin your search, and follow your business’s morals and values to make the best decision. Review all vendor variables before locking in a deal to ensure your company uses the best vending business for the job.