Whether you’re an SEO specialist looking to boost your online presence or a customer service rep trying to make your brand more recognizable, branded links are a valuable tool for any business. In the digital world, where every click counts and first impressions are crucial, branded links stand out as a game-changer for businesses across the spectrum. But what exactly are they, how do you create them, and how can they transform your digital identity?

What are Branded Links?

Branded links are shortened URLs that reflect your brand’s name and identity and then redirect to a web page. They can increase your brand recognition, improve trust with your audience, and more.

But branded links are not just shortened URLs; they’re your brand’s digital handshake with the world. By incorporating your brand’s name and identity, these links do more than redirect visitors to a webpage; they carry the essence of your brand in every glance, every share, and every click.

The Benefits of Branded Links


The Internet is a bustling marketplace. In this crowded space, how do you make your voice heard?

That’s where the power of branding comes in.

Branding is essential whether you’re a new online brand looking to make a splash or an established company spreading information about your products and services.

Branded links are your loudspeaker. They ensure that every link shared is not just a pathway to your content but an endorsement of your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

When people see a branded link, they recognize it as coming from your company and feel more comfortable clicking on it than an unbranded link.

Drawing Crowds and Building Trust

Branded links do more than attract eyeballs. While they help draw a crowd to your content and make it easier for users to share, they also show that your business is tech-savvy and aware of what Internet users like. This can improve your reputation and encourage people to recommend you to their friends.

What’s more, in an online world where everyone is wary of spam and malicious links, a URL that carries your brand’s name is a beacon of reliability. It signals to your audience that you’re not just another face in the crowd but a reputable source worth their time and attention.

The Untapped Potential of Tracking

A branded domain link like etsy seller is instantly recognizable and trusted by potential customers. It’s also easier to share and more likely to be clicked. However, the story doesn’t end with just creating and sharing a branded link.

The benefits continue; a branded URL can also retarget visitors and get detailed analytics.

An all-in-one solution for branded link management, offering users the quickest way to increase traffic and brand awareness. Its feature set includes a personalized URL, customized cloaked links, link tags, advanced reporting, and more.

Platforms like LinkMngr and Replug don’t just offer branded link creation; they provide detailed analytics and customization options, including retargeting visitors and tailoring click metrics.

And unlike Bitly, LinkMngr has no limit on the number of links that can be edited and shared.

Retargeting and Reconnecting with Your Audience

The most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal is the ability to reconnect with visitors who don’t convert on their first visit.

Retargeting is an affordable way to drive people back to your website.

But retargeting is not just a marketing tactic; it’s a conversation resumed. It’s about reaching out to those who have shown interest already but weren’t ready to commit.

The brand recognition that comes with branded links makes them a valuable tool for your retargeting campaigns. They help you tell a story that builds credibility and trust with your audience. Plus, they give your audience a clear indication of who the link is coming from.

Branded links remind your audience of your brand’s story, credibility, and value proposition, significantly boosting the chances of conversion.

Analytics for Decision-Making

Branded links also excel in delivering actionable insights. With each click, you gather data that informs your strategies, refines your messaging, and sharpens your marketing focus.

A branded link shortener allows you to customize your URLs and add call-to-action overlays. This makes it easy to increase your CTR and conversion rates. It also enables you to track the performance of your branded links.

Tools for Creating Branded Links

I’ve already mentioned a few platforms you can use to create your branded links, and there are certainly plenty of tools for creating branded links to choose from.

To help you get started, here’s an overview of some of the options available and what you can expect from each, along with their current pricing plans.



  • Free Plan: Basic link shortening and tracking with limited branded links.
  • Basic Plan: Offers more branded links, link tags, and basic reporting.
  • Premium Plan: Advanced features, including a branded domain, more detailed analytics, and user management options.



Rebrandly offers a free plan, a Lite plan, an Essentials plan, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan. The free plan gives you 2,500 tracked clicks and 250 branded links with a custom domain name, which is enough for anyone with a side hustle or small blog. If you want more control, consider upgrading to its $34 per month Essentials plan, $99 per month Professional plan, or $499 per month Teams plan, including link tracking and analytics features.


  • Free Plan: Basic features with a limited number of branded links and tracked clicks.
  • Lite Plan: More branded links, tracking, and a custom domain.
  • Essentials Plan: Advanced features like additional branded domains, more links, and team collaboration tools.
  • Professional Plan
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions tailored for large organizations.




  • Free Plan: Basic link shortening service, but not branded
  • Pro Plan: Offers custom branded URLs, detailed analytics, and link editing after creation.
  • Bulk: For those who need thousands of links shortened and branded.


T2M (Time to Marketing)


  • Basic Plan: Includes URL shortening and basic features.
  • Standard Plan: More features like QR code generation and branded links.
  • Pro Plan: Advanced features for businesses, including detailed analytics and API access.
  • Premium Plan
  • Dedicated Plan



Sniply’s free plan lets you track 2,500 clicks per month on all of your branded links, while the $34 per month Essentials, $99 per month Professional, and $499 monthly Teams plans to offer even more features and more analytics.


  • Basic Plan: Includes basic link shortening (250 links per month) and CTA overlays.
  • Pro Plan: More features like custom branding, analytics, and conversion tracking, with unlimited links.
  • Business Plan: Advanced options suitable for larger teams or higher volume needs.


When choosing a branded link creation tool, choose a plan that offers all the features you need to boost your marketing efforts so you can make the most out of it.

Start creating your branded links today!